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God wants all of you, even the broken pieces. He restores, heals, & mends. 💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge

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Your will over mine.

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Drop a 🌻 if you are focused— not on your circumstances, the distractions, the voices in your head, but on things above. The truth & promises that have been gifted to us! Happy Monday! #deeplyrootedchallenge

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I promise you, this right here was my hinderance, which lead to my delayed obedience. I knew what I needed to get done, what God had placed on my heart to share, but because I wanted everything to be perfect, I allowed my own thoughts & self to talk me out of my dreams. I would say well maybe if I could just put this bomb website together I could start writing/blogging more. If I had better equipment I would record more videos. If I had more time I would take more pictures. So many ifs, not enough when I. I had to shift my mindset & change the way I talked to myself. You know how it is, we ourselves be our own worse critics. I had to ask myself, what’s holding you back? Is it fear? Is it doubt of not being good enough? Is it lack of confidence? So many thoughts I had to ask God to kill. But mannnn, when I tell you, walking in your obedience is on another level. God stays showing up and out when you give Him over full control & trust His process even when people around you try to talk you out of your dreams. Your focus is shifted up & everything around you begins to fall into place. So whatever dreams you may have, stop waiting for the “perfect” opportunity or for the “right” time & be obedient to what God’s placed on your heart to do and see how He will show up & show out as you give Him the honor & glory. You got this! Rooting for you! #deeplyrootedchallenge

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Journaling has always been my go to when it came to growing my relationship with God. I get asked often how I stay consistent & motivated. Well, for me, I’ve shared how it’s therapeutic for me. It helps me gather my thoughts, appreciate the many answered prayer requests, to see how far I’ve come & grown, it keeps me grounded & focused on the bigger picture. So many reasons I love journaling & writing out my prayers. I encourage you, if you haven’t started, go grab you one and start today. I promise it will bless you if you take the time & put in the work. 💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge

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God, today I choose to protect my joy by not letting my circumstances determine how I handle decisions. Although everything may not go as planned, I know the joy of the Lord is my strength—my peace, my hope when I don’t quite understand fully. —How are you protecting your joy today? #deeplyrootedchallenge

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Take time tonight writing out affirmations about yourself. Do a little self care, self love. It’s hard to give love when you don’t have any left within yourself. I’ll start: -yes I am beautiful. -yes I am enough-my past does not define me. - I am a warrior, not a worrier. -Although I may not have it all together, I serve a God that does. -I am fearfully & wonderfully made. -I may be broken & flawed and a mess at times, but I know that everyday I am growing and learning about myself and how to heal. - I am in no rush to impress. I will take my time and not run in front of God & let Him continue to order my steps. I don’t have all the answers, but God does and that’s all the matters. I will trust Him regardless of what my emotions try to tell me. 💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge

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A flower never looks at another flower & tries to compete. It just blooms. The journey God has you on is your journey no one else's. Stop comparing your journey to someone else's. Focus on watering your own grass & taking care of what's yours. All the time you invest in wishing you had what others have, you can work for just that. Let it motivate you, not cause you to envy or become jealous. You never know the story behind their success, you just get to see the beautiful highlight reel. Be thankful where God has you, but don't get complacent you stop growing. Enjoy the growing pains you will endure from being obedient to God's will, even when it's hard at times. Take time speaking words of love to yourself, encouraging yourself. Letting yourself know you are beautiful, smart, intelligent, a daughter of the most High who's blessed & highly favored when society tries to tell you otherwise. 🌻 #deeplyrootedchallenge

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Can I get an amen??😭👏🏾👏🏾😩 don’t get it confused. He’s gotten come first. Be your main priority. #deeplyrootedchallenge

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Day 18 journal entry—faith over fear. 💛 #deeplyrootedchallenge

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