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GROW. Lately I've been thinking about what inspires me, personally. About why I change and pivot and grow. And I reached the conclusion that what inspires me is not knowing what the hell I'm doing.
Let me unpack that a bit. I'm happiest when I'm learning. I love the learning curve. I love figuring things out and mastering new systems, ideas, tech, or styles.
I didn't cultivate this in myself. I was born this way. Thriving on being an amateur with a habit for getting in way over my head and forcing myself to figure it out.
I don't look before I leap. I always just assume I'll figure out how to fly on the way down. As you can imagine, this doesn't always pan out. Sometimes I just straight fall. But a lot of times, I do in fact figure out how to fly just in time to not do a nose dive.
But here's the thing: failure sucks. It hurts and makes you feel bad. And that's fine. Falling off a bike hurts. But you get back on, learn from it, and you don't have to fall like that again. Don't feel like you have to figure it out to start. Starting is HOW you're going to figure it out. We're all just making it up as we go. Tell your fear of failure or fear of being a fraud (or both!) to back off, shut up, and sit down. And embrace how awesome every inch of progress feels as you tackle something new that you don't quite understand...yet! What are you tackling? Let's encourage each other! For me it's podcasting and studio lighting! •

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My brand new site designed by @tonicsiteshop & @jenolmstead has officially launched!!!! It's a new home for all the @rawmilkpodcast and all the free creative business resources I've been creating! Check it out now via the link in my profile!
From colors to fonts it's everything I ever wanted in a website—and truth time: I didn't even know that such magic was possible in Wordpress without knowing a lick of code but my homies @tonicsiteshop completely changed my world. I can now tweak *anything* on my site without having to pay a developer! And the best part? The new site cost me a fraction of what my custom blog cost. A tiny fraction. Cue clouds parting, angels singing, and all that jazz.
To celebrate, I'd like to invite you all to visit my new virtual home via the link in profile for a virtual gathering & to do what I love to do most with my friends—nerd out over creative business around the dinner table! Since we can't literally all have dinner, I've created a quiz that will tell you what your hashtag personality is (which is fun!) but will also give you a custom Instagram strategy depending on where you are in your social media & branding journey for free! And it takes 30 seconds! Let me know your results and what you think about the new site in the comments!!! We've worked on this for MONTHS & I'm beyond excited! •

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While I can't post pics from this week's cookbook shoot (you'll have to wait for the book!), I just wanted to celebrate the fact that we just finished our first book shoot in New York! With the BEST team I could have asked for: @rebeccajurkevich & @nicolelouie at @workshop_studio with goodies from @propworkshop , @henrystreetstudio, and @surfaceworkshopnyc.
This shot is an oldie but a goodie from the blog (it's a slammin' quinoa, avo, and eggie situation you can find on!), *but* it has a lot in common with the recipes in the book. Namely the unapologetic use of eggs & avo. The book, however has @rebeccajurkevich ninja styling and a way crazier set of backgrounds and props. I'd been dying to play with color, terazzo, and all sorts of different stuff, and I sure did. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

And @matthewlud went to town with lights, and now I'm in LOVE with strobes. I feel like I've grown more as a stylist, cook, and photographer in this one week than I have in the past few years. And I'm so inspired and ready to create more! Basement studio here we come...
Soon @matthewlud and I are off to celebrate having a day off with @andreagentl & @martinhyers of @gentlandhyers and @jerseyicecreamco (whom I just interviewed on the podcast, check it out via the link in profile!)... oysters are in order! •

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Home sweet kitchen, designed by the powerhouse creative couple, @jerseyicecreamco — and in case you missed it there's a brand new episode of @rawmilkpodcast that released yesterday where I talk all things creative business with Tara & Percy—including the stuff no one tells you about "making it". Link in profile!

Back in 2014 when I decided to hire them to create the Local Milk kitchen studio I knew it would transform my business. But I don't think I really knew how much. This kitchen has been seen everywhere from @remodelista to @bonappetit. It's synonymous with my brand. And in the years since Tara & Percy (the couple behind @jerseyicecreamco) have designed countless gorgeous spaces, been featured in the New York Times, and have become known for their iconic style & gorgeous Venetian plaster work.
But guys, just like my kitchen didn't always look like this, their business didn't always look like it does today. Head over to the podcast via the link in profile to hear the real story and get some advice and inspiration along the way! •

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New podcast episode with @jerseyicecreamco live today! Link in profile! We're talking alllll about what no one tells you about success as a creative on the @rawmilkpodcast, because there's a whole other side to "making it" that everyone sweeps under the rug.

Chances are if you're on Pinterest, you've swooned over an @jerseyicecreamco interior. No, they aren't an ice cream company. They are, in fact, a couple that designs homes together. They've been featured on countless home design sites and have landed in the pages of the New York Times. Their unique, signature style has been oft imitated but never replicated.
And they're spilling the whole journey. Because like most successful wasn't always like this. When they met (and fell in love!) Tara was waiting tables and Percy had just been laid off. And so they hit the road and built a design empire. But success doesn't come without its own set of problems, and they're so candid about that part too. Listen now via the link in profile! And if you love the show, tell us via the review section on iTunes! I'm going to start reading the best review each week on the show with a shout out! Reviews and ratings really help our show reach more people and get awesome guests, so keep 'me coming!!
Also, @jerseyicecreamco ...are we getting a gross of oysters or what this week?! •

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Which Instagram Hashtag Are You? Take my new quiz to find out your # personality AND get a personalized Instagram strategy for wherever you're at in your social media journey! Link in profile! ⚡️
I'm SO excited about this quiz! It's been in the works behind the scenes for months, and it's designed to be soooo much more than just a fun personality quiz. It's about assessing where your brand is at and providing you with the tools, motivation, and inspiration Tj harness the power of social media. About giving creatives permission to get strategic and get the word out about what they're making. And about empowering you to love on to the next phase instead of spinning your wheels.
Click the link in my profile to take the quiz now—you'll find out your hashtag spirit animal AND get a growth strategy that will meet you right where you are (even if you haven't started yet!) post your results in the comments and share them on your stories and tag me so I can see!! •

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This is what my kitchen DOESN'T look like right now. We are, frankly, failing but banging it out but totally behind but scrambling to get ready for our first cookbook shoot this week.
I probably shouldn't admit that. But keepin' it real and all. We'll be packing our bags tonight and up at 4 AM tomorrow & heading to New York to shoot some springtastic recipes with the crazy talented @rebeccajurkevich .
I'm in that state where you're super focused, really overwhelmed, might cry, and you just know that moments like these are part of the bigger story. I share this lest anyone mistakenly think I a) know what I'm doing b) am totally zen. Negative, earth bird.
But if I make it through this week, I'm getting my nails done. And watching some Netflix. Whew. If you missed it and want more behind the scenes I'm over on the @rawmilkpodcast talking money (😳) today! We're hanging out in the top 100 on business podcasts super close to breaking the top 50 this week! So give us a listen & some love via the link in profile so I can keep it up! And I'll leave you with an emoji sentence of how I'm feeling: 😳💥😭💸🙇🏻‍♀️🤢✨😅⚡️💞 •

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NEW EPISODE on @rawmilkpodcast!!! Today I'm talking the big taboo: MONEY.
If you've ever wondered how bloggers & influencers are actually making money, what kind of money it's possible to make, how long it can take to earn six-figures as a creative, or how revenue and profits break down for businesses like mine, then this is the episode you've been waiting for. Listen now via the link in profile!
I know a lot of creatives are super uncomfortable talking about money. And even more uncomfortable admitting that they'd like to make more of it. But I think that the only way to learn about business is to also learn the numbers side. Which is why I made the choice to get vulnerable and share our numbers and business model & revenue streams past & present.
Cause here's the hard truth my mothers always told me: a business that doesn't eventually make money is just an expensive hobby. And if you stay in the red (losing money!) not only will you not be able to make a living you won't be able to make an impact with your work because you won't be able to continue. Which is why I'm such an advocate for business smarts with creative heart.
I never want to lose the heart of why I started: simply put to make life more beautiful. But in order for people to pursue their passions as a career they need to know how to market with integrity and mind the numbers. When we can get comfortable with realizing that "selling" isn't a dirty word if you're creating something worthwhile, and that "marketing" really just means "telling people about that thing you made and what problem it solves" when done with integrity, we can flourish & thrive.
So enough with taboos! Go have a listen now...and I'm gonna say it again: if you love it please leave us a review & rate the show in iTunes. Because guys—in the first week your support helped the @rawmilkpodcast crack the TOP FREAKING 20 in the business category in iTunes! It means so much to me & is worth all the hard work! •

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Hey New Yorkers! Are you or do you know any NYC based rockstar babysitters or nannies? We're headed up to NYC on Wednesday with Eula to shoot the first half of the cookbook...and I'm gonna need some help!
If you or anyone you know is basically Mary Poppins, loves children, and has experience caring for toddlers please email with experience, background, and references! Cause this little dumpling is gonna need a homie while we make this book happen from the 16th-23rd! As great of an assistant as she can be, I think this one is out of her wheelhouse 😅

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Happy Mother's Day 💐 to all the mamas out there! Because motherhood isn't for the faint of heart.

Reality isn't always glamorous—which isn't breaking news. We just arrived home late last night so our family is jet lagged. I managed a load of laundry today before Eula projectile vomited all over me, the couch, the rug, the floor, herself. And then it happened 3 more times. The poor baby has a tummy bug, evidently.
And we came home to discover our air conditioner is broken, my computer is dying the true death due to water damage, there's a mystery leak somewhere in our house, and the internet is down too. The house is a disaster. My hair is dirty. I'm behind on every deadline ever. And I can't do anything about any of it because my primary job right now is cuddles & watching Disney movies with a sick toddler. The world has to wait.

And the truth is I kind of feel like screaming or crying. Overwhelm and roadblocks are a part of life. If you aspire to create a life without them, you're setting yourself up for a Sisyphean ride. As the song goes, "mama said there'd be days like this". And my advice? Lean into it. Cry when you wanna cry. Scream when you wanna scream (though perhaps try to avoid frightening small children—cars are good for this!) And then shake it off, focus on what you *can* do (even the smallest thing), put one foot in front of the other, dig deep, and count your blessings. Because even though I literally want to cry silly, frustrated self-piteous tears...I can't help but be reminded of a few things by my better self:
And those things are I am so, so lucky. All of my problems are symptoms of blessings. I own a home to have shit break in. I have a career I love to stress the hell out about. And I have a beautiful baby girl to barf on me. I know women who struggle with fertility that would suffer countless sick days for the opportunity to be a mother. And so I am incredibly grateful. Because what wonderful problems to have. #happymothersday #mymotherhood #realmotherhood #livemoremagic #workingmomlife #theeverydayproject #habitandhome

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@matthewlud and #EulalieWilla on the carousel at the Hôtel de Ville, a mandatory Parisian weekend stop on the way to the park. A day dream of what I wanted parenthood to be.

Of course it isn't all 🦄 & 🍭, but if you've followed me for a minute, you know that. It's the rare midnight fight, the to do list, and so much more spilled milk. But at the end of the day, it is pretty magical. Maybe not instagrammable, but would we really want these asceptic, polished lives anyway?
My favorite moments are cackling with friends (@emma_louise_sophia I think the 3rd Tuesday of November must be declared an official holiday...😹), vegging out with pizza on some Netflix nonsense, reading books, shopping for food & cooking food, and sleeping in (which is defined as about 9:30 AM these days...). If I could spend my days reading, writing, cooking, carousing, and loving (which is entirely a euphemism...)—I'd be quite happy. Simple creature, I guess.
If you want more than the Instagram facade (and I promise this is the last time I'll say this for the weekend because I'm about to take off on a 9 hour flight), have a listen to my new show, the @rawmilkpodcast. Because there's so much more than the gram. Link in profile to listen! Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss next week's episode that gets real about money, cause ain't nobody got time for taboos. •

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Peonies & a kitty from @lapeetchfr, the former home of Julia Child, last weekend where I met the most awesome couple that now runs a cooking school out of the house. And Lulu the cat, pictured here.

The story of the giant spoon is that Julia was in the habit of taking pictures of herself with the spoon hanging randomly in the background. So naturally we had to throw it in! 🌿
If someone had told me that I would ever spend a weekend photographing Simon Beck's property and Julia Child's haunt where she did much of her cooking and writing, I would have never believed it. It truly felt like a pilgrimage. When I first started blogging I made soufflés out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking like it was my job. This was full circle. And the people I met were better than the narrative.
If you haven't had the chance (I know, I know...I won't shut up about it!) have a listen to the @rawmilkpodcast (we just launched 2 days ago!!) There are 4 episodes live, a two part series on all things Instagram (mainly how to maintain healthy boundaries & strategies for using it to build your brand!) and interviews with the amazing @elizsuzann and @marte_marie_forsberg. And we have a new episode this coming Tuesday all about revenue. Yep, that's right. Real numbers. All about what I make and how. Because that's the real, behind the curtain information that empowers other inspiring creative entrepreneurs. I know it's taboo. But I care more about education and empowering than feigning distress at the mere mention of a dollar bill. So! Make sure you subscribe to not miss it and check out the current episodes via the link in profile! Don't forget to leave a review if you love it...I know I'm a broken record but reviews are a BIG fat deal for us! 😘 •

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