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Oh hey dragon in @harrypotter

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Orlando with the bitches!! @gkdva - @jknight2t2t - @in2gr8ion and myself.
Also one doesn’t have Instagram 😑

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Wow! I conquered the fear of flying, and the first night in Orlando we did some mini golf! ❤️❤️❤️ So thankful for those I have in my life, my birth family and those I choose to call family.

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Look what you made me do! Custom full @preciosacomponents AB serpent earrings done in silver plate with Scarabaeus Green @crystalsfromswarovski eyes.

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These are tasty.

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Oh hey! Beard you can come back, like, yesterday. Thanksss. 😌

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Thank you @ponews for this wonderful article on today’s event! A huge step for progress in Franklin County! ❤️💕

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These center stones!!! ❤️

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Feeling froggy? Get into this mix of color.

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Crystal and Gold. Gold and Crystal... either way it’s stunning!

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How do you like your jewelry? We like it VIVID! ❤️💕💓

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Oh, HELLO. A custom pageant set on her way out. ❤️

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