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Love at First Sight. This #FW18 LOVE collection is a modern reinterpretation of #Louboutin’s 1991 collection, which #ChristianLouboutin originally designed with Lady Diana in mind.

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When two become one. Backloubi fell in love. 🎥 @thelovemagazine & @olivia_anakwe

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A LOVE that’s meant to be #LouboutinWorld 🎥 @thelovemagazine

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Crazy in Love. For #FW18 #ChristianLouboutin reinterprets a modern LOVE collection, using embroidery and influences of street art and graffiti. 🎥 in collaboration with @thelovemagazine

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Ready for liftoff. Architectural and otherworldly, Hilconissima in a high-gloss metal patent reflects the irreverence and savoir-faire of the Maison Louboutin. #RedSoles

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Hello, lover. From strass to spikes to PVC, Mechante Reine mixes quintessential design details, signature to the Maison Louboutin. #RedSoles

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Mix master. Louis Junior Orlato is a feat of craftsmanship and artistry for the #LouboutinHomme

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Ready and waiting. Could Dandelion Mix Flat be your sole mate? #LouboutinHomme

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To memorable entrances – and exits. #ChristianLouboutin #RedSoles

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Broadcasting live for #FW18: Simon Flat, new for the #LouboutinHomme.

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Ballala Flat gets straight to the point in Loubi Kraft, a new Maison signature. Original sketch by #ChristianLouboutin. #RedSoles

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Say it loud, say it proud. Lou Spikes in Loubi Kraft proudly proclaims his heritage. Original sketch by #ChristianLouboutin

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