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I’m SO happy to share that my album, ‘L U X U R Y’, is FINALLY available on @spotify !!! So now, you can stream my ENTIRE discography on @spotify anywhere, anytime! 💎

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This song has been heavy on my heart today, as on the hearts of countless others, I’m sure. Rest well, Queen Aretha. ❤️

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Rest well, Queen Aretha. SOUL as a whole...the great singers of our time... they all exist in the capacity that they do because of you. Thank you for your magic. Thank you for being the foundation. You will be greatly, greatly missed. 💔

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Golden Lady

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The official visual
directed x @kscatesstudios
Now on YouTube
#thebeautyofeverything 💎

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I felt kinda obligated to sing this one, since DreamsInAnalog, the project that it’s from, just turned 5!!! Not sure what happened to the first 2 words 😂 but this is:
‘About Him’
suggested by @i_victoria_ ..thank you! ☺️ and thanks for all the suggestions, y’all!

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Five years ago, almost to the date, I released my second project, DreamsInAnalog. Written & produced by yours truly, and featuring my girl @kingparisnicole on ‘So Here It Goes’.
I remember the process of putting everything together...having to buy a new computer in the middle of recording...recording at home in the midst of surrounding, city noises...recording About Him in my hotel room, after a looong day of production rehearsals for Selena Gomez’s tour (@misscherryd and I were the BGVS, hey gorl😂)....mixing....mixing.......mixing.............second-guessing......mixing.......mixing while on a plane......mixing in the middle of the night.....working past my initial release date, and then FINALLY uploading it online!
5 years later, and I’m honored to still see, feel, hear and experience SO MUCH LOVE and support for this project!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has ever listened. This, as is all my music, is made in efforts to connect with the human heart. It’s my passion, and I’ll only continue to shape and focus on channeling that passion the best way I know and learn how.
And whatever your passion is, work on it! Do it! Do not be discouraged, do not ever ever EVER give up on yourself. Great things happen when you believe in and put serious effort behind that. I’m a witness 💎

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“...still and always...”
The Beauty of Everything, Pt. 1
Now available on digital platforms (and soon on Google Play)
#thebeautyofeverything 💎

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Look, sometimes you don’t wanna use the Layout app ok?! lol

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the Golden Time Of Day 🌅

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Year-round essentials: denim, fanny pack, and bamboo earrings (at least 2 pair) 🌊
Sidenote: the visual for ‘About Him’ was filmed here (4 yrs ago! 😩)

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Up now on Soundcloud (link in bio)

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