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Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Above all, I’m grateful for your love and support, and thankful for our bond ❤️
Happy Father’s Day @kennygotsoul !
Thank you for being all that you are to Isley❤️there’s nothing sweeter than the love between you two that will only continue to grow ❤️
Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, both here and celebrated in spirit. We truly appreciate and love you!

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you can live in a moment
you can create it.
either way, make it something to remember. 💎

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Vibing to ‘Into Orbit’ with Mike McTaggart (guitar), @nateleenate (bass) and @youngrocko_ (drums)

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A piece of last night.. Thank you so much @maro.musica for creating & sharing that moment with me!!! 😭❤️
🎥: @car.mell

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My official merch is now available!
Tees, hoodies, and crop tops for the summer 🌊
More pieces on the way!
(direct link in bio)

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I’m still on cloud 9 from yesterday... and these beauties, who are also two of my FAVORITE voices.. had me in ALL my feels before I performed 😭
Thank you so much @indiashawn and @maro.musica for being a part of it all. It was PERFECT!!!!

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The Beauty of Everything, Pt. 1 ...
in the flesh!! 😂
Working on getting physical versions (CD &/or vinyl) of ALL of my projects, but in the meantime,
there’ll be a limited # of physical CDs (of tBoE) at my show this Thursday!
Come and cop one! 💎

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Always bet on you. 🎲

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Still swooooning over the new, amazing collection from @maccosmetics in honor of Aaliyah! ❤️ Thank you @radmax6 and @maccosmetics for bringing this to life as a way for us fans to celebrate her iconic style!
The collection is available online June 20th and in stores June 21st!

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Thank you so much to @vice @i_d @maccosmetics and especially the Haughton family for including me as a part of this beautiful project! ‘The A to Z of Aaliyah’, directed by @carastricker 🎥
Head to @i_d to check it out! 💎

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Of course I’ve changed, darling. I’ve grown.

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Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has shown love and support for The Beauty of Everything, Pt. 1!
Available on digital platforms!
If you’ve listened, do you have a fave? ...

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