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I don’t usually get excited about potato salad, but this GRILLED potato salad with grilled scallion (miso) vinaigrette, blueberries, and mint is so unexpectedly punchy and flavorful. It was a big hit with my family last weekend, and I made it again this week for the blog (recipe link in profile!) It’s based on a recipe from the book Gather & Graze by the very talented chef, @stephanieizard 🥔🥗🌿

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This weekend, our plans are to do absolutely nothing, which feels so free and amazing because I rarely let myself just do nothing! No to-do lists, no gatherings… just us, a farmers market or two, and probably a nap. If I cook something, I’m thinking of grilling these Portobello Tacos with creamy cashew jalapeño sauce. 🍄🌮 (Recipe link in profile).

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Have you ever grilled avocados? They’re yummy! 🔥🥑 I stuffed mine with a tangy veggie ceviche made with hearts of palm, tomatoes, coconut, cilantro and serrano. Give this one a go this weekend if you’re looking for a fresh grilling side dish! (recipe link in profile). #vegan

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My favorite way to cook asparagus is to grill it! 🔥 This Grilled Asparagus Lemon-Thyme Farro Salad is my version of spring on a platter, made with local asparagus and delicate pea shoots. It also has some quick pickled radishes, pistachios, edamame, and some crumbled cheese that you could omit if you’re #vegan (recipe link in profile)

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This week, every recipe I post will be something grilled - starting with this gorgeous asparagus I got at our farmers market (+ a few lemons because grilled 🍋🍋 are delicious!). Stay tuned for the recipe, but let me know - what vegetables do you like to grill??

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Fresh artichokes roasted with lots of 🍋🍋🍋 tossed with farro, mint pesto, chickpeas, feta, greens, more lemon, and a few extra fresh mint leaves (recipe link in profile). I’m posting this one specifically for my sister who is not convinced about mint in savory foods. 🤭🌿💚

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If you’re just “eh” about asparagus, try peeling it into ribbons and seasoning it with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. It’s so fresh and light, and just a fun way to eat it! Top onto toasts with Mint & Pea Pesto, pickled radishes, and a soft boiled egg if you like. (Recipe link in profile) 💚

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Getting picnic season started with these Chickpea Pan Bagnat Sandwiches. Or as Jack lovingly refers to them: Pan Bag-Not, because this inauthentic version is made with a bright chickpea salad instead of tuna or eggs. Either way - it’s SO tasty, piled with briny olives and crisp veggies. (Recipe link in profile) 🥖🥖#vegan

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I don’t know who made the 8 glass of water per day rule, but my family and I drink even more water than that. That’s why I’m so enamored with our new @HeyCulligan filtration system because - after a side-by-side taste test - our new water is SO much more delicious. It has that pure taste of “nothing” which is exactly how I like my water to taste. Well, until I add lemons to it. For more info, click the link in my profile #heyculligan #CulliganxR29 #ad 💛🍋💦

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Making happy birthday cake-like muffins to celebrate our friends at @almondbreeze and the 20th birthday of my go-to non-dairy almondmilk! 🎂💛 Get the recipe for these Coconut Mango Muffins on the blog (link in profile). They’re lightly sweet, lightly coconut-ty, with a hint of lime. #vegan

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Binge watching Westworld tonight eating quinoa bowls and ice cream on the couch. Tonight’s bowls weren’t as pretty as this, but here’s some Monday night springy bowl food inspo. 💚🌿🍋 Recipe link in profile.

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I’m making this Strawberry Tart again this weekend - it’s so easy to make and so good! 🍓❤️ The recipe is from the new @SweetLaurelBakery cookbook. You have to try this dessert if you are gluten free, grain free… or if you just love strawberries and (coconut) cream as much as I do. Get the recipe on the blog! (link in profile)

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