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أحبك ♥️ these eyes say everything ❣️love you @madonna #birthdaygirl #love

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Happy Birthday to The ONE and ONLY Queen @madonna 👑 You never stop to surprise us by your Love Passion Creativity Intelligence and Generosity
Be surrounded by you is the most inspiring and beautiful feeling: a true family full of love.
Thank you for everything you gave and continue to give to all of us everyday
We loooooove you to the moon and back

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Happy Birthday to our beautiful and amazing soul @carolynmurphy we looooooooove you ♥️

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Happy Birthday Giovannino @gb65 ♥️ we adooooooorrrrree you ! You are so special to us 🦁🎤 your loyalty and friendship is unique and we are so grateful to have you so close to us . Love you 😍 we are family

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Happy Birthday Ricky @riccardotisci17 ♥️❤️💗 we love you to the moon and back. Our friendship is so precious! We are family! 🦁🎉

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Beautiful @gisele ♥️ for the new @arezzo AD @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @gb65 @danielhernandezdh @renatacorrea

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The stunning Face of Grace Elizabeth @lovegrace_e ♥️ for @voguebrasil @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @pedrosales_1 @erinparsonsmakeup @ginaedwards_

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We are so glad we finally worked with this beautiful Gem 💎 ❤️ @lovegrace_e working with you is really inspiring. We love you 💗 thanks @voguebrasil for the opportunity @luigiandiango @luigimurenu @pedrosales_1 @erinparsonsmakeup @ginaedwards_ @chanelofficial

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Happy Birthday 🌟dearest @gisele ♥️☀️ You are the ONE !
Your generosity, your passion and your unconditional Love for all you do and give to everybody is unique. We feel so privileged to have you so close to us.
You never stop to surprise us
Enjoy your day
We love you soooooooo much 💗 #love #friends #superwoman

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Happy Birthday to our for ever muse and very special friend @natashapoly ♥️ we get inspired by you all the time and every new adventure seams the first one! There is only one Natasha !🌟 love you so much ❤️💗💕❤️💗💕

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