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Join filmmaker, experimental animator, and exhibiting artist in 'Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro,' Jodie Mack (@jodiemack), for a talk and a curated series of short films on Thu, May 31. 🎤🎬 [🎟 link in bio]
Centering on the use of domestic and recycled materials, this program of short films illuminates formal and cursory elements shared between fine-art abstraction and mass-produced graphic design. The works presented—six shorts by Jodie Mack and “The Florestine Collection,” by Helen Hill and Paul Gailiunas—question the role of decoration in daily life, and unleash the kinetic energy of overlooked and wasted objects. Mack will participate in a post-screening Q&A moderated by Ekrem Serdar, Media Arts Curator for Squeaky Wheel Film and Media Art Center.
Jodie Mack, 'Razzle Dazzle' (still), 2014. Courtesy of the artist. #surfacedepth #jodiemack

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Derrick Adams (@derrickadamsny) is a New York-based, multidisciplinary artist working in performance, video, sound, textile- and paper-based collage, and multimedia sculpture. His practice is rooted in deconstructivist philosophies such as the fragmentation and manipulation of structure and surface, and the marriage of complex and improbable forms. Through these techniques, Adams examines the force of popular culture and the media on the perception and construction of self-image.
Derrick Adams: Sanctuary consists of 50 works of mixed-media collage, assemblage on wood panels, and sculpture presented in an installation designed by the artist that reimagine safe destinations for the black American traveler during the mid-twentieth century. The body of work was inspired by The Negro Motorist Green Book, an annual guidebook for black American road-trippers published by New York postal worker Victor Hugo Green from 1936 to 1967, during the Jim Crow era in America.
Referred to simply as The Green Book in its day, the publication served as a guide to finding businesses that were welcoming to black Americans, including hotels and restaurants, during an era when open and often legally prescribed discrimination against nonwhites was widespread. These designated safe spaces were places of refuge and leisure, where one could spend quality time with friends and family. The depiction of black America at leisure is a theme of continued interest to Adams, who explores how engaging in leisure as a form of relaxation and reflection can be a political act when embraced by members of black or working-class communities.
Pictured: Derrick Adams’s ‘En Route 2: Are We There Yet?’ (2018). #derrickadamssanctuary #derrickadams

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We're all about these aesthetics! ✨The materials and objects gathered here are drawn from Miriam Schapiro's archive. They offer a glimpse into the various inspirations for the artist's femmages and the components that she incorporated into them. Schapiro was an avid collector of fabric remnants, embroidered handkerchiefs, crocheted doilies, lace, ribbons, buttons, dolls and doll furniture, masks, fans, jewelry, and tourist curios, among many other items she picked up at tag sales in the East Hamptons, where she lived and worked from the late 1970s until her death in 2015. 📿🎀🎭👗After accumulating material all summer, she resold what she couldn't use in her work at her own annual tag sale. 🌞🏷🛍 Miriam Schapiro's work and studio ephemera are on view through September 9 as part of the exhibition 'Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro.' #surfacedepth.
Courtesy: Judith Brodsky
#collage #femmage #miriamschapiro

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The US-Mexico Frontera (Borderlands) 🇺🇸🇲🇽 is the world's most frequently crossed international border, allowing for the exchange of ideas, wealth, family, and culture. In MAD's exhibition, 'La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border,' jewelry artists from Mexico, Latin America, Europe and the United States seek to explore this space and what it represents. The exhibition is on view through September 23. Pictured: Mabel Pena's 'El Cruce II' (2013).
Artist Statement: "Images of the border awaken in me a sensation of a wall that lives, that feels: a wall thick with culture, a wall that holds its implacability, the lives of those who tried to cross it. A crossing...of crosses, scars in the earth, a crossing that separates and. segregates, but that also gives rise to hope in those who have run out of horizons yet who continue to try—every day—to fulfill their dream.”
Declaración del Artista:”Las imágenes de la frontera despiertan en mi la sensacián de un muro que vive, que siente…un muro Ileno de cultura, un muro que retiene en su implacabilidad las vidas de quienes intentaron cruzarlo. Un cruce…de cruces, cicatrices de la tierra, un cruce que separa y segrega, pero que también hace nacer la esperanza de quienes se quedaron sin horizontes y que, a pesar de eso, todas los dias, intentan cumpliar su sueño.” #lafrontera

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Happy #InternationalMuseumDay and #ArtMuseumDay! 🎊 🎨🏺The Museum is bustling with activities today, and we welcome you to join us! We're celebrating this special day by offering Pay-What-You-Wish admission, unique public programs, and tours, as well as discounts on Membership and at The Store at MAD. Pictured: 'Palapa' by Tanya Aguiñiga (@tanyaaguiniga). Inspired by Mexican surrealism, Aguiñiga has created an intimate and safe space for reflection and sharing in the form of this floating hut or cocoon. Entering the umbrella-like ‘Palapa’ is like crawling underneath a mother’s long skirt to hide. We invite you to go inside the ‘Palapa.’ #nycxdesign #tanyaaguiniga #craftandcare

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Join us on Fri, May 18, 10am-6pm for #ArtMuseumDay! 🎨🏤We're celebrating by offering Pay-What-You-Wish admission, public programs, and tours, as well as discounts on Membership and at The Store at MAD. Visitors can join docent tours (which are free with admission) at 11:30 am and 3 pm to learn more about our exhibitions. 👬👭👫💭📖 Visitors will also have the opportunity to engage with artist-in-residence Andrew Bearnot and Van Lier fellow Xin Liu in the Artist Studios from 10 am to 5 pm to learn more about their creative process. 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 EXHIBITIONS ON VIEW (from left to right) 👁👁: ‘Derrick Adams: Sanctuary' (through August 12), 'La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border' (through September 23), 'Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro' (through September 9), 'Tanya Aguiñiga: Craft & Care' (through October 2), and 'Anna Riley: The Softening of Stone' (through July 3). #derrickadamssanctuary #lafrontera #surfacedepth #tanyaaguiniga #craftandcare #nycxdesign #annariley @museumdirectors

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MAD Artist-in-Residence Emiko Shinozaki (@emikoshinozakijewelry) has cultivated her practice at the intersection of science, music, and craft, variously drawing from her training in organic chemistry and classical music, as well as her experience designing clothing, leather accessories, and jewelry. Compositional techniques including structural variation, retrograde, inversion, and repetition inspire and appear in Shinozaki’s jewelry. As part of MAD Artist Studios, you can visit Shinozaki in her studio every Wednesday (10am-5pm). #MADArtistStudios

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Josh Blackwell (@joshblackwell) uses recovered plastic bags and colored fibers such as wool yarn, silk thread, and patterned cloth to create his ‘Neveruses,’ hybrid objects that reference baskets, textiles, and ceramics, as well as techniques that are traditionally marginalized under the category “craft.” Blackwell has described the ‘Neveruses’ as “queer” or “androgynous” for the way their construction and ornamentation pry apart hierarchies of artistic value that privilege the application of paint to canvas over, for example, sewing. In his work, embroidery serves as a structural tool—akin to the mending technique of darning—to build sculptures from the outside in, subverting needlework’s traditional definition as mere surface embellishment.
Pictured: Josh Blackwell's 'Neveruses à Table (me and LP)' presented as part of 'Surface/Depth: the Decorative After Miriam Schapiro.' On view through September 9. #surfacedepth

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💕Happy Mother’s Day💕 ‘Support’ (center) is a work by artist, designer, activist, and mother Tanya Aguiñiga (@tanyaaguiniga). ‘Support’ is a modular seating structure on how Aguiñiga molded her own body to her daughter’s needs as an infant. The piece ties together ideas of sustenance and care through the artist’s choice of materials: durable and utilitarian denim and leather, filled with food staples, rice and salt. These materials are pragmatic units of comfort that are flexible and soft to the touch. The work can be arranged into infinite configurations—from a sleeping mat to a table with four seats—to adapt to the needs of its user(s). Each configuration is intended to be done with others to promote collaboration and community. ‘Support’ is presented as part of the exhibition ‘Tanya Aguiñiga: Craft & Care.’ On view through October 2.
#craftandcare #tanyaaguiniga #nycxdesign #mothersday @nycxdesign @ambosproject

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MAD artist-in-residence, Dana Melamed (@dana.melamed) explores the power struggle between humanity and the environment through assembled wall sculptures, each comprising of a unique urban topography. Melamed composes her work layer upon layer, fusing scratched patches of #foil, #paper, #wood, found industrial objects, and #wires onto aluminum mesh. The sense of nature reclaiming her land is conveyed in heavily stressed surfaces transformed into decayed structural ruins. As part of MAD’s Artist Studios Program, you can visit Melamed in her studio every Saturday (10am-1:30pm, 2:30-5pm) until May 25 to engage with the artist and see her process. Picture here Melamed’s 2016 work, ‘Engine 5.1’. #mixedmedia #sculpture #craft #madartiststudios

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The automobile and the Interstate Highway System transformed America both physically and culturally. In 'Keep Your Head Down and Your Eyes Open' (pictured), Derrick Adams (@derrickadamsny) uses driving caps to represent cars, and reflects on the historical material culture of driving, which was once perceived as a leisure activity that required a specific wardrobe, and not just as a means of transportation. Adams was also inspired by childhood memories of relatives and friends who visited his family in Baltimore, and the clothing and accessories they donned for the journey, such as driving gloves and caps, and leisure suits. More than just status symbols, cars represented the family vacation, the great American road trip, and the freedom of movement, thus contributing to perceptions of the "American Dream." 'Derrick Adams: Sanctuary' is on view through August 12. #derrickadamssanctuary

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We're thrilled to welcome back Artist Studios Program alumni, Anna Riley! Visitors can see Riley's work in 'Anna Riley: The Softening of Stone' through July 3rd. Located at the intersections of glass, paper, chemistry, and geology, Anna Riley’s art practice centralizes and isolates moments of material transformation. By way of photography and sculpture, the artist captures the power and complexity of transforming geologic materials through an intense and intimate focus on process-based methods of experimentation.

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