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Scotland is being a little on the nose about being Scotland. ⛰😍 🏕@columbia1938

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Second time to @moulinrougeofficiel ❤️💥 this time was even more ridiculous. And for those of you who read my second book... yes, he still works there. After the first number, @chipmmm said ‘I can’t stop watching this one guy’ unbeknownst to my tale.

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On my first night Paris, @chipmmm went and surprised me with the most beautiful shiny thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing....
That’s right, bitch! A @WWE champion belt of my Queen @charlottewwe Honestly, the best surprise ever and I did wear it to @wwerawofficial that night b/c of COURSE we went to wrestling our first night France.

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Drinking champagne while hungover in a Lady of Leisure sweatshirt.... if this ain’t the most IT ME of all times.

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Last night I drank 400 lemon drop martinis with @kiwilovesyou , fell in 🖤 with @rosabiancasalazar , and slept the entire night in a zipped up jacket on my couch. SUCCESS.

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Chip and I are headed to Paris and Scotland tomorrow and I couldn’t be more pumped. One of my favorite things is when he sends me videos of him jamming in a car. This #tbt one felt appropriate. Watch for the hot smiley dude, stick around for the impeccable vocals. 👨🏻🖤 @chipmmm

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FLAMRIE UNITES 🔥That’s right. @flula and I joined forces, once again, to bring you the jam of summer ‘18. Check it out in the new YDAD. 🐊👖

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Hire us for your next 50th anniversary party. @beanzhart is the bass to my soprano.

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I don’t know how you celebrate Mother’s Day but I took my children to my church.

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My mom is the best for several reasons.
1) She put up with this shit show and gave me my amazing eye crossing abilities.
2) She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Like sending me a vid of her ordering lunch at a Mexican restaurant because I always make fun of how she tries to assimilate to the proper accent. Also, please note how she says ‘Grazie’ which is ITALIAN.

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Just two redheads with their two tiny dogs who they are forcing to fall in love cause, goddamnit, I really want a same sex dog wedding on my officiant resume. 💍🙏🏻

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Tis true! Come hang out with the horniest lizard of all (ME) ! There are regular and VIP tickets and zero actual eye blood squirts. Get em now! LINK IN BIO. 🌵

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