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Siapa bilang cowok nggak cocok pakai baju warna terang? Buktinya, aku cocok nih, malah makin kece😎. Apalagi, pakai koleksi @rajeansid Premium yang cuma bisa didapatkan di @mataharideptstore . Btw selain kuning, menurut kamu cowok cocoknya pakai baju warna terang apalagi?
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face mask / heat pad / vagina steam no I don’t know if any of this works but it can’t hurt right? *vagina dissolves*

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Lmao when you bust in 1 sec 💀

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Follow @cushandwizdom
#thegoodquote 🌻

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hello twenty four hours until you can preorder sweetener and hear / see ‘the light is coming’ 🌫☁️💡🍦🌬☁️🌩⚡️🌩🥂☁️♡ 🌪☁️

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Keep It Real💅⠀
Search: "Make It Real Set"⠀

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Kindly cast your vote and as always, I appreciate your luv.
Luv U back.

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Uma Quase Dupla estreia dia 19 de julho nos cinemas :) @bionicafilmes @cauareymond

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I wanna go to Banada and get crazy like I use too .The first time I ever been to Banada I went to a strip club booking and now here we are here !!!!! My name number on #1 & #2 on the Banadian hot 100 billboards !!!THANK YOU 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦you guys been rocking with me since the beginning !

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Poster Girl😍⠀
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casual monday’s done right by #ForeverBabe @love.you_em 💛✨
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the BetterMe app is my absolute favorite for quick painless workouts! 🙌💕

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Listo para mañana Vamos mi Colombia 🇨🇴

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That annoying sibling who keeps following you.
#duck #9gag

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Photo by @toddler777
Catching some air along the California coast. 🤙 #WHPplay

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Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid - barn owl chick, Invermark, Cairngorm National Park, Scotland- on our rounds today we found this little guy had fallen out of one of the nest boxes, he’s now back with his 5 siblings. I’ll be watching them grow and then fledge over coming weeks. You can just see the characteristic heart shaped face, and the flight feathers underneath the fluffy down which helps them keep warm, and therefore allows the female to leave the nest and help the male with hunting duties. The barn owl is nocturnal over most of its range, but in Britain and some Pacific islands, it also hunts by day. Barn owls specialise in hunting animals on the ground and nearly all of their food consists of small mammals which they locate by sound. They mate for life unless one of the pair is killed, when a new pair bond may be formed. Breeding takes place at varying times of year according to locality, with a clutch, averaging about four eggs, being laid in a nest in a hollow tree, old building or fissure in a cliff. Most bird species don’t start to incubate their eggs until the clutch is complete, so the eggs hatch at more or less the same time. But Barn Owls begin incubation as soon as the first egg is laid and lay additional eggs over a period of around 8-21 days. After 31-32 days’ incubation, the eggs hatch every 2-3 days, usually in the order they were laid. This is termed “asynchronous” hatching. The age difference between the oldest and youngest nestlings can be as much as three weeks. This age variation serves to reduce the peak in food demand and spread it over a longer period. The female does all the incubation and the male provides all the food until the young are around 3 weeks old which is roughly the age of this owlet. Barn owls do not strictly speaking build a nest but rather lay their eggs onto the previous years nest debris, a compacted layer of owl pellets, having nest boxes distributed around the Estate always the owls to return the same site and the estate is therefore more easily able to monitor the health of populations - To see more from this wild and wonderful landscape follow me here @chancellordavid @thephotosociety

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Parabéns pra vocês meus amores Clara e @mariavielfaro .Vocês são duas bênçãos nas nossas vidas e vieram a esse mundo pra nos ensinar o que é o amor incondicional!!!!!O papai ama e tem um orgulho enorme de ter vocês como filhas!!Que Deus as abençoe e continue guiando seus passos!!!!!Amo vocês !!!!!!❤️

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Puerto Princesa is the capital of the legendary island of Palawan, a paradise in the western Philippines. Located near the world’s longest navigable subterranean river, the Puerto Princesa Underground River, the bustling city boasts coastal beaches brimming with rich marine biodiversity and a vast estate of mangrove sanctuaries. #itsmorefuninthephilippines @tourism_phl

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💨 @_andreacimatti
BROWS | #Dipbrow in Dark Brown
EYES | Modern Renaissance Palette 🎨

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bring on the blossoms 🌹🍃
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#NBADraft prospect @therealmobamba visits the @nbastore & spends time with fans in NYC!

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@Bharper3407 is that you???

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I LIKE IT !!Let’s get to the #1 on the hot 100!l LATINO GANG !!!! En todas las plataformas digitales !!! 📸 @orliarias

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@jbalvin quienes serán nuestros invitados? #XRemix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Shanghai China

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@mrs.lashes snaps a pic of some of our new Summer makeup goodies 😍 Pictured here are our new Lip Lingerie Glosses, Away We Glow Shadow Palettes, Shimmer Down Lip Veils, Away We Glow Liquid Boosters, and our Away We Glow Strobing Creams ☀️ Tap to shop 💋 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup

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RIP X ❤️

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Я здесь 👸🏻❤️ GN 💫

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Mer does not care.

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