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His hands make magic . They take the expected and make it somehow unexpected. In their hands the prettiest face , ( while retaining its beauty ) becomes somehow more , accessible, reasonable. Add even a single flaw though and he reinvents the whole canvas . Gently rearranging the whole composition to make that flaw the center point of the most brilliant diamond . His hands are special . I love him . Truly . Madly. Deeply .
Just me . Just him . Just us. Always
Mark & Eric

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Our 8 news now segment this appearance is out first as part of the 8 news now family . Our model was simply amazing out intern ( and second model was also amazing ) our next appearance is ,"back to school" and Eric is gonna bring a little Hollywood to the Las Vegas back to school market! We can't thank the Las Vegas Market enough for extending such a warm welcome!

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Getting ready for the 8 news now segment today at 4pm! Tune in !! Get into it!

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