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I’m streaming Joytime II today at my gaming party with @ninja and friends!! Head to my Facebook at 12pm PST to join in:

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Mellogang! Join me tomorrow at 12pm PST on Facebook to catch dubs and listen to the new Joytime II album with my boy @ninja and friends:

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I live for these moments, last weekend i got the opportunity to meet Teddy Moore, at 8 years old hes had more surgeries than birthdays, over 30 different brain surgeries to be exact but you would never guess that if you met him. Teddy mentioned that my music helped him through a lot of his hard times and i couldn’t be more honored. Thank you Teddy for being braver than i could ever be and sharing your postive outlook on everything. Can’t wait to see you again my friend!

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Should we do a song together? @alessiasmusic

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Vegas was crazy last night! Always a party at @xslasvegas

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Thank you @kiss108 !! Amazing time 🔥🔥 @iheartradio and Happy Father’s Day everyone

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Walking out of my ex’s life like wassssap

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Got to hang with some friends in New York today! #blisummerjam

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Eid Mubarak to all my mellogang celebrating today ❤️

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#CheckThisOut Mellogang!!!

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Championship game @ninja #fortnite

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