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So many of you have emailed about our recent workshop in Italy, so we’ve decided to launch our next workshop in Abruzzo for next year, early. Just as the Spring sun begins warming up the mountains outside Rome, a medieval village nestled at the top blossoms. Doors and windows are flung open to let that glorious perfume of warmer weather seep through to every room of their homes, this is when we’ll be welcoming you back to the ever charming and utterly unique village Santo Stefano di Sessanio @sextantio . Just like this year, we’ll be exploring the local food scene and culinary traditions with baking and cheese making sessions, long leisurely lunches, traditional afternoon tea in a beautiful little courtyard, evening cocktails with mixologist @theo_maxfield all while working with our cameras to tell visual stories through styling and photography. I can’t think of a more dreamy place to photograph beautifully moody images, telling stories through the lens of focaccia baking in old wood fired ovens, cheese made from local milk and ending each day around the fireplace with tasting dinners and incredible wine. To book your spot early, and for more information, click on the link in my profile. See more from this year’s workshop in Abruzzo under Italy and workshops in highlights. I simply cannot wait to go back next year. #mmforsbergworkshop

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With a little bit of that English rain and a dash of sunny days, the quaint old cottages and charming little gardens in our village are now all dressed up in the latest Spring collection. A few days ago my furniture from Norway arrived. Heirloom furniture I grew up with, straw hats and blue and white porcelain from when I lived in Japan. We dusted, cleaned and rearranged, and even if we’ve only lived in our new cottage for a few weeks, it already feels like home. Mr Whiskey is currently laid sprawled out licking sun in the garden, Emma is asleep in my arms, my English gentleman @theo_maxfield is hard at accounting in his office, and no knead fig and pecan bread from my cookbook is ready to bake in my @lacanche_us Homemade salty butter is cooling in the fridge, and I’m adding layers of preparation to my wild fire bread and butter session @goodlifeexperience this autumn. This is Spring in the countryside, slow productive days filled with sprouting greens and flowers as far as the eye can see. #spring #theenglishcountryside

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Wrapped in summer dresses and light jackets, my sister's honey made it all the way to Italy in my mother's suitcase. My last workshop was a family affair. With my parents and English gentleman @theo_maxfield hosting, helping with our little Emma and making mouthwatering cocktails, my sister sent her love via honey. Last year she bought bees and produced her very first batch of elegantly light and silky smooth honey. I made her save some of the jars that sold like cupcakes, for our participants arriving from all corners of the world. We saved on little jar for the very last day, when my mother made her infamous rye bread and added a generous amount of that golden honey. We didn't all start out doing what we love. My sister has in her 50's just discovered her passion for making honey, my mother has perhaps always been a renaissance woman, but I didn't discover my dream until my early 30's. I don't think it's ever to late to leap, to make a reality of that dream, begin planting a garden or investing in bees. I was recently interviewed by the super talented @local_milk for her newly released podcast series @rawmilkpodcast about the creative journey, leaping and discovering my dream. Pop over to @rawmilkpodcast to have a listen to my journey of finding my voice amidst so much talent in the world. I believe there's room for us all, weather you're in your 50's starting your own little honey production, or discovering a wonky cottage in the English countryside and making it the beginning of the rest of your life in your 30's. And like my mother always say; "If you don't fulfill some of your dreams, you won't have room for new ones". #mybeesno #rawmilkpodcast #mmforsbergworkshop

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A few months after we met, @theo_maxfield took me to his favorite tree. Up a lane, down a path and across a field, there it stood, this majestic old tree. We’d bring a basket bull of local cheese, charcuterie and a bottle of red wine. Hours later, we’d fall asleep underneath the big old branches next to empty plates and with a bit left in the bottle of wine. It became his tree, and so rightly I had to ask permission to bring this weeks private workshop participant @victoriaschiopetto there. He nodded his yes. I smiled and fill d up the baskets with a few extra bunches of grapes and another bowl of marinated olives. The day after we arrived home from Italy, the loveliest @victoriaschiopetto joined us from Argentina. She’s a beautifully talented photographer and co editor of @revistacocoa a gorgeous children’s magazine. We spent two glorious day basking in sunshine, picnicking under “Theo’s tree” @theo_maxfield working on photography and making plans for the future. These private workshops are so close to my heart, and when even the English weather puts its best foot forward and bring sunshine and warmth, you know it’s been a good workshop. Thank you @victoriaschiopetto can’t wait to see the feature in @revistacocoa soon #mmforsbergworkshop #englishsummer (Photo by @victoriaschiopetto )

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My feet wandered slowly on old cobbled stone pathways weaving in and out of little courtyards and front gardens of homes that had stood steadfast in this medieval village in Italy for centuries. Out of the corner of my eye a man was pulling his suitcase out of the trunk of his car. That man looks awfully like my father I told @theo_maxfield as we made our way around the village looking for photo shoot locations for my workshop last week. We’d booked the incredible @sextantio hotel as our base. The man next to the car looked up as we came closer, it IS my dad, I exclaimed as our eyes met and ran towards him for a hug. He wasn’t invited, but my mother had flown down to help us during my last workshop in Italy, and my father had spontaneously booked a ticket, rented a car and come to surprise us all. Every now and then, he said with a cheeky smile, one has to be a rebel. I smiled and hugged him again, I like that idea, I replied. So there we were, little Emma, my partner @theo_maxfield , my lovely mother and father, before my dear friend @brittchudleigh joined us, all to help out during the workshop. Many of you asked how I “do it all”, well, I’ll tell you, with the help of great family and friends. With little Emma, there’s no such thing as doing it all by myself anymore. If you see my workshops, work and travels thinking how does she do it!? With help, that’s how I do it. It’s a team effort making it all possible, but when my team is family and friends, work become even more enjoyable and our little baby girl is cared for by loving hands. I can’t believe you came all this way, I told my father as we walked back to our rooms that evening after dinner. To be honest with you, he said, I missed you mother so much I couldn’t bare being one more day without her. I smiled, and felt incredible grateful to witness that after being married for 57 years, they still nourished their love for each other. So here’s to love, family, friends, partners and rebels, without whom this work life of mine wouldn’t be possible. Pop over to Instagram stories for more from my recent workshop in Italy. #myteam #mmforsbergworkshop

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Unexpected sunshine greeted us as we arrived at a small medieval mountain village in Italy for my workshop. The warm air played with my light summer dress and I felt alive and happy. Many have asked how I travel or work with a little one, and I’ll return to your questions in another post, but before I dive back in to share with you more about my recent workshop in Italy, I want to talk about the power of words. When I lived in Tokyo at 17, I worked as a nanny for half a year for a wonderful Norwegian family and their beautiful three daughters. One afternoon I behaved in a way that led me to write a letter to the parents of the power of words. It has stuck with me all these years and helped me be more aware of the words I use and how I phrase myself, however in the last post I shared thoughts about life as a new family, with a little daughter, our recent move to a new cottage, renovations and work. It all amounted to a few tears one night where I felt worried, small and uncertain about how it was all going to work out, and I may have used the wrong words. I used words such a worry, which many of you felt meant anxiety, which perhaps since we as new mothers go through quite a lot of both physical and emotional change during these tender first months, a few felt I also meant post natal depression. Can I just say how grateful I am that we live in a time where we can freely express these tender changes, and find resonance between us as women, however when I wrote about my worries it was everyday worries that lose power as the sun rise. I feel incredibly grateful for your comments, messages and concerns, because it means you care, and that we as women reach out and help each other. When I wrote, going back to work, I’m lucky that I get to include little Emma in all of it, and we are a wee team. Going back to work means answering emails again, doing shoots at home, writing on my next book and running workshop, all with the help of my partner @theo_maxfield and my parents, who joined us in Italy so our little Emma would always be cared for with warmth and love. It’s fleeting days of her being so small and I’m grateful I get to be there through it all.

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I haven’t been holding the fort down lately. Getting back into the swing of things after becoming a mama, with renovations, moving to a new home, and planning for Italy in just two days, has got to me. It’s going to be fine, I tell myself, but at night when the curtains are closed and the house is asleep, I shed a tear or two. Tears of worry. Silly really, as I should know better, yet the voices of experience that tell me to breathe, take of thing at the time and trust, seem so faint in comparison to my worries. I worry about almost everything, and it’s all so new as I didn’t used to be a worrier. I would use that as energy to fuel me on, climb and rise, but these past months, after the birth of our beautiful baby girl, that smiles all the time, I feel a bit exposed to the wind, and a wee vulnerable. He doesn’t sway, nor pull away. Are you a bit daunted by it all, I ask from time to time, usually as we sit down in from of the big open fireplace in the kitchen after a long day. A little bit, he replies with a smile. And then he simply kisses my forehead and keeps going strong, tall and upright. At night when I feed I look over at him sleeping wondering how I did it all without him. As the sun emerge over the village rooftops in the morning, I inhale courage and exhale the worries of the night. Roll into his firm embrace and let each day be a new day, a day to learn to stand upright again, and to let the energy of my worries fuel the winds that fill my sail... #ourtrio #becomingamother

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Rain tapped with eager fingers on the rooftop windows at the new cottage just as the last few boxes were carried in. In the morning the sun had entered the scene for a brief moment, to wave goodbye to the lovely group of people that attended my very first workshop @thecraftsmanscottage of the year, and then the rain came. We hurried inside, lit the kitchen fireplace and put the kettle on. While we renovate our old cottage, we’re seeking refuge from hammers, dust and paint just a stone throw away. With a glorious big kitchen to play in and a fireplace we can both sit inside should the temperatures drop, to stay warm, my eager hands can’t wait to begin cooking again. I grew up with an open fire in the kitchen, roaring away on cold days, breathing life into our home. My Englishman has made sure we wake up to its live flames as we descend for breakfast every morning, and I simply cannot wait to use its glorious heat for open fire cooking. But first, we’re off to Italy in just a few days, road tripping our way through France and Switzerland, before paring our car in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, a medieval village nestled on a hilltop in the Abruzzo region in Italy for my next workshop. We’ll be spending a night one night in Bologna, and even if I’ve searched high and low for a cozy place to stay I’ve been without luck. If you know of any great places to eat and stay in Bologna I’d love to hear your suggestions! It’s time to put another log on and Emma is ready for her afternoon wander with Mr Whiskey. Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! #newadventures #mmforsbergworkshop

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Warm winds and summer like temperatures are making the countryside explode with green! All windows have been left open at the cottage, allowing that cooler breeze after the sun has set to sweep through. Tomorrow morning we open the doors to the first workshop of the year at the gorgeous @thecraftsmanscottage just a stone throw away from our home. We’ve foraged, picked flowers and planned menus, and my mother has rocked her granddaughter to sleep in her arms, as I’ve put finishing touches to the business sessions. We’re a team. Mr Whiskey provides snuggles when we all need a furry break, and mum has looked after Emma, our little girl, while my partner @theo_maxfield and I have prepared for tomorrow. Our kitchen garden is slowly getting there, and we’ve began packing for moving into our new home at the end of next week. It’s all happening at once, and even if it’s been a lot on our plate these past weeks, we’ve managed to dine al fresco in the garden, go for afternoon wanders, and dinner dates all to ourselves. Last night, just as a wild storm swept through tugging at treetops, bringing with it torrential downpour and lightening, we dressed up and took refuge at the @rothbarandgrill for a delicious evening listening to the great #AnnadelConte and the lovely @rachelaliceroddy sharing their food journey with us under the skillful direction of @simonsays57 The storm passed and food was served, deliciously prepared food. It was a glorious evening in the company of likeminded people who love to talk about foot as much as they love to eat, which to me are the very best kind. On the way home my Englishman parked the car on a small side road. I had the most wonderful evening, he said while cupping my face in his hands. Just you and me, I added with a smile. Because even in a room full of people, I only have eyes for him @theo_maxfield .

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Norway, I’m coming for you! For so long I’ve wanted to bring you with me to Norway, to the world I grew up in amongst majestic fjords, log homes and food cooked over open fire. This year I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you twice, to this beautiful country up north. Firing off with a one day Business Bootcamp in Oslo in collaboration with a powerhouse in the food blog world in Norway and with three cookbooks under her belt, and running a successful business from her studio just a stone throw from the city center @matpaabordet I’ve for a long time wanted to work with Ina, and have always been so inspired by how she runs her business, how she thinks, and how she’s able to monetize her passion for food making it into a thriving business. This beautifully intensive one day Business Bootcamp will give you an intensive day of hands on tools of the trade to turn your dream into a business. Join us in Oslo in June! Here in the Shire, wild garlic is taking over these ancient forest grounds, and locals are filling basket upon basket, stocking up on this wonderful plant. I’m headed out this afternoon to get just enough for a few jars of pesto for our workshop on Monday. Spring is officially in the air! #mmforsbergworkshop #wildgarlic

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“You’re sister has wrapped lots of jars with her bee’s honey rolled up in my clothes for my trip over tomorrow, she said on the phone with a giddy voice. Can’t wait to see you, I replied, unable to contain my excitement. My mother will be arriving tomorrow evening to help out during our upcoming workshops and move to the new cottage, and my sister wanted to make sure we didn’t run low on delicious honey for our afternoon tea or baking sessions. Her bees are just waking up from their long Norwegian winter slumber, but she had cleverly frozen some of last years honey for mum to bring this Spring. Her planning ahead means we won’t run out, and mum can bake her tasty honey drop treats for tea. Next week we’ll be packing wicker baskets and wool blankets for our Photography and Business Bootcamp kicking off as England is preparing for a heatwave. Our favorite tree will hopefully greet us with green leafs, enough to create a bit of shade from the warm sun as we spread out for lunch underneath and indulge in local charcuterie and cheeses, with a naughty drizzle of my sister’s mouthwatering honey. Mr Whiskey is sprawled out in that warm stripe of sun that is beaming in through the upstairs windows and my Englishman and I are buzzing with energy as we’re planning upcoming workshops and events for this year. There’s nothing like a bit of warmth and green leafs to put energetic spring in our steps, and pursue our dreams with great gusto, this year with a new little team member. #scandinavianbaking #mmforsbergworkshop

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Smoke was coming from the kitchen as the very first pancake was a bit of a disaster, or a least that’s my guess, but I wasn’t there to witness it. I was snuggly tucked in a duvet fortress with our little Emma while my English gentleman was making Sunday breakfast. He bounced out of bed this morning and announced he was making banana pancakes for us, before heading downstairs barefoot and in his pajamas. As for every pancake session, it begins with the infamous disaster one, the one that gets chucked away, or in our case given to our dog Mr Whiskey. It’s Murphy’s law. Not long after the smoke reached our bedroom nest on the top floor, he emerged with a wooden tray laden with jams, butter, maple syrup and pancakes. He poured me a cup of tea, and we agreed that today we were going to do nothing of importance. I smothered a couple of pancakes in delightfully blue jam from @askimfruktogbaer They are a staple in our families kitchen cupboards, and brought over in heaps when family from Norway visit. Outside the sky was grey and dull, but warm steam was emerging from the bathroom as he’s kindly ushered me in to enjoy a warm bath after breakfast on my own, before our little Emma awoke from her nap. I’d say all is well in the shire this morning, at least in our wonky little cottage. #sundaymornings #pancakeday

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