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First daddy/daughter workout was hardcore, we pumped! #sheliftsmorethanme

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β€œ I got nothing to say , I just wanna eat my cake β€œ
A quote from one of my favourite documentaries. Can you name it? #arnold #biglouie πŸ“Έ @brilynnf

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Happy Victoria Day long weekend πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
What’s your favourite whiskey?
Jameson is my king of spirits ✌🏻
πŸ“Έ @brilynnf

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I don’t even know how to pose anymore .
Last night was killer with camera slayer @brilynnf

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2:30pm, drinking dads shitty beer on this beautiful Sunday 😁

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Summer throw back. Next week Toronto is expected to have more β€œspring β€œ like temps and I like that.

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I’ve missed her πŸ’ž

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40.....Thanks everyone πŸ–€ 😘

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Laughing is a good thing.... also gives you crows feet #throwback

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Bday is next week and the 40th celebrations are tonight. Whiskey neat please!

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40 years in 10 days.
How shall I celebrate? πŸ€”

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Happy v day lovers πŸ–€ just another day to me.
Model ......@official.severinstargher

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