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This textile demonstrates the longevity of motifs in eastern Central Asia. The placement of animals—a spotted horse, a rabbit, and two deer (or antelope)—at its cardinal points is a compositional device that began to appear in the region during the Han dynasty. The birds on the piece, especially the parrot, entered the Central Asian repertoire during a second period of strong Chinese influence, the Tang dynasty. The floral background's central motif of lotus blossoms, a lotus leaf, and a trefoil leaf was seen in Central Asia and North China but became widespread during the Yuan dynasty. Textile with Animals, Birds, and Flowers, late 12th–14th century. Eastern Central Asia. #TheMet

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George Bellows was born on this day in 1882. Renowned for his paintings of clandestine boxing matches, Bellows also depicted leisure-time pursuits of the wealthy. He painted Tennis at Newport in his New York studio from sketches he had made the previous summer. The annual tennis tournament at the Newport Casino in Rhode Island was an important sporting event and social occasion.
George Bellows (American, 1882–1925). Tennis at Newport, 1919. #TheMet #GeorgeBellows #OnThisDay #OTD

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Today is World Lion Day. Eugène Delacroix recorded numerous visits to the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, where he particularly enjoyed sketching the lions in the menagerie. Delacroix's "A Lion, Full Face, August 30, 1841" is on view at “Devotion to Drawing: The Karen B. Cohen Collection of Eugène Delacroix.” #TheMet #DelacroixDrawings #LionDay
Eugène Delacroix (French,1798–1863). A Lion, Full Face, August 30, 1841.

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#MetHeavenlyBodies features a dialogue between fashion and medieval art from The Met collection to examine fashion's ongoing engagement with the devotional practices and traditions of Catholicism.

The Byzantine galleries at The Met Fifth Avenue focus on designers who were inspired by the interiors of Byzantine churches, while the Medieval and Lehman galleries feature designs inspired by the holy ordering of the Catholic Church. In this video, views of these galleries are narrated by exhibition curator Andrew Bolton. #TheMet #AndrewBolton

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It’s #InternationalCatDay! Celebrate with these iconic cats from The Met’s collection. (1) Ōide Tōkō (Japanese, 1841–1905). 猫に蜘蛛図 Cat Watching a Spider, ca. 1888–92
(2) Cat Statuette intended to contain a mummified cat, 332–30 B.C. Ptolemaic Period. From Egypt.
(3) Lithographed and published by Nathaniel Currier (American, 1813–1888). The Favorite Cat, 1838–46.
(4) Annibale Carracci (Italian, 1560–1609). Two Children Teasing a Cat.
(5) Martha Bartlett with Kitten, ca. 1860
(6) Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (French 1859–1923). Cats: Pictures without Words, 1898.
(7) John Kay (British, 1742–1826). The Favourite Cat and De La-Tour Painter, 1813.
#TheMet #CatDay

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Today is National Lighthouse Day! This work by Georges Seurat was created using conté crayon heightened with gouache on laid paper and was drawn in in 1886.
Georges Seurat (French, 1859–1891). The Lighthouse at Honfleur, 1886. #TheMet #Lighthouse #NationalLighthouseDay #GeorgesSeurat

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Today is National #SisterDay. This pastel, titled "Two Sisters" is by Jean Claude Richard, Abbé de Saint-Non, and was created in 1770. The work reproduces, with slight variations, a Jean Honoré Fragonard painting of the same title as it looked before it was cut down to half its original size. In the Saint-Non pastel, the younger child rides a wheeled horse. Below is a Polichinelle doll—a masked clown in a bicorne hat. #TheMet
Jean Claude Richard, Abbé de Saint-Non (French, 1727–1791). “The Two Sisters,” 1770.

Jean Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732–1806). “The Two Sisters,” 1769-70.

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Happy Birthday to @BarackObama. At the time the photograph was taken by Mariana Cook, Obama was working as a community organizer and preparing to run for his first term as an Illinois State Senator. What makes this portrait of the pre-Presidential Obamas so compelling today is its naturalness and informality. Seated close together on their sofa, surrounded by art collected on their travels (a small African sculpture and stone temple rubbings), the Obamas project a sense of quiet confidence and humane warmth.
Barack and Michelle Obama, Chicago, Illinois, 1996, printed 2009. © Mariana Cook 1996 #TheMet #BarackObama #MichelleObama

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Now at The Met Fifth Avenue, "History Refused to Die: Highlights from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation Gift" features the mixed-media art of Thornton Dial—whose monumental assemblage from 2004 provides the exhibition's title. Dial's piece, "History Refused to Die," incorporates torn and stained clothing, wire, and other common materials as well as okra stalks and roots. The plant serves as a metaphor for the shared history—the "roots"—of people whose personal genealogies tie back to Africa. Widely associated with Southern cuisine, okra is indigenous to Africa and, like many other foodstuffs, came to the Americas via the international slave trade. Its presence in Dial’s sculpture evokes the ecological transplantation that paralleled the forced displacement and enslavement of millions of Africans throughout the New World.
Thornton Dial (American, 1928–2016), History Refused to Die, 2004 #TheMet #HistoryRefusedToDie #ThorntonDial

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This week’s floral arrangement in The Great Hall! #TheMet

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Yves Saint Laurent was born on this day in 1936. This ensemble, titled “Statuary Vestment for the Virgin of El Rocio,” was designed in Yves Saint Laurent’s workrooms in collaboration with jeweler Goossens. It was commissioned for a statute of the Virgin in the Chapel of Notre-Dame de Compassion in Paris and features a gold silk brocade dress. The work is currently on view at The Met Fifth Avenue through October 8 as part of #MetHeavenlyBodies.
Yves Saint Laurent (French, 1936-2008). “Statuary Vestment for the Virgin of El Rocio,” ca. 1985
#TheMet #CostumeInstitute #YvesSaintLaurent @MetCostumeInstitute

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