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The journey of "10,000 Miles along the Yangzi River" (1699, detail pictured) begins at the edge of the towns of Suzhou and Changshu, not far from where the Yangzi drains into the ocean. Changshu was the hometown of Wang Hui, the artist who painted the 53-foot-long scroll, as well as its eventual owners, Weng Tonghe and his great-great-grandson Wan-go H.C. Weng, who recently gave the work to the MFA. The region was historically home to many of China's cultured scholars and literati, who would have appreciated the painting's poetic and artistic references. Explore "10,000 Miles along the Yangzi River" in our Asian Paintings Gallery!

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#TriviaTuesday: John Singer #Sargent combined painting, sculpture and architecture in innovative ways for three mural projects in the Boston area—including one at the MFA. Do you know where the two others are located?

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Buon appetito! In 18th-century Europe, meals were an important part of social life and provided a crucial opportunity to impress. Sophisticated diners embraced a new style of service—service à la française—in which guests served themselves from dishes placed conveniently in the middle of the table. Whimsical tureens in the shape of animals were considered the height of fashion!
See “Tureen in the form of a boar's head” (about 1750, Holitsch Manufactory) and more in “Casanova’s Europe: Art Pleasure, and Power in the 18th Century."

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Do you have a work of art from our collection that you'd like to learn more about? @smartcreativeart recently requested #Botticelli's "Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist" (about 1500), and this post is for her 👋 Comment with your requests, and we'll plan on featuring your choice in a future post! 💌
Botticelli was renowned for the refinement and sweet delicacy of his figures. This painting, intended for private devotion, possesses characteristics of his later manner, such as a certain stiffness in the profiles and drapery folds. Botticelli originally sketched the roses at right as a tall bunch of lilies, a common symbol of the Virgin. Infrared reflectography allows us to see his preliminary drawing beneath the paint layers.

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Photographer @herbritts was born #onthisday in 1952! Can you name all of the models shown in this iconic 1989 photo taken in Hollywood?

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Did you know that the term "dog days” was coined by the ancient Romans? They associated the hottest days of the year with the annual rising of the star Sirius in the constellation Canis Major (Greater Dog). Seen from Earth, Sirius (“scorching” in Greek) is the brightest star after the sun. The engraving of the “Dog Star” on this garnet gem—on view in our gallery of ancient jewelry—was carved in the first century B.C. by the artist Gaios.

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A new exhibition in the Linde Family Wing for #ContemporaryArt celebrates the recent acquisition of Boston-born, New York-based artist #LorraineOGrady's "Miscegenated Family Album" (1980/1994). The major installation was inspired by O'Grady's visit to Egypt following the unexpected death of her older sister Devonia, inserting their story into that of the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti and her younger sister Mutnedjmet.
Pictured: "Miscegenated Family Album (Sisters IV), L: Devonia’s sister, Lorraine; R: Nefertiti’s sister, Mutnedjmet" (1980/1994), on view in "Lorraine O'Grady: Family Gained."

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An exploration of how ideas regarding artistic process, product and practice resonate across time, a new exhibition juxtaposes contemporary sculpture by #ClaesOldenburg with a selection of 17th-century Dutch still-life paintings from the MFA’s collection, recently enhanced with promised gifts from Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo and Susan and Matthew Weatherbie. "Claes Oldenburg: Shelf Life" is now on view in the Linde Family Wing for #ContemporaryArt.
Pictured: "Shelf Life Number 15" (2016-2017), Claes Oldenburg.

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There are only two weekends left to explore more than 4,000 years of jewelry in "Past Is Present: Revival Jewelry" 💎 Among the highlights of the exhibition are four stunning loans from the #Cartier Collection, including this 1924 scarab brooch. "Past Is Present: Revival Jewelry" is on view through August 19!

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#CamillePissarro’s portraits typically depict close friends or family members; Louis Estruc was one of his brothers-in-law. On the wall behind him hangs a still life painting—over which #Pissarro, artist of both the portrait and the still life he represents here, has added his signature. The man’s face beams with a lively variety of pastel colors. Lush layers of dark pigment achieve the dense fabric of his jacket and wooly texture of his distinctive whiskers.
Pictured: "Portrait of Monsieur Louis Estruc," (about 1876), Isabelle and Scott Black Collection, on view in "French Pastels: Treasures from the Vault."

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Don't miss the last chance to see the exhibition "Japanese Prints: The Psychedelic Seventies," closing this Sunday! Discover the mind-bending motifs and chromatic verve of psychedelic art.
🎨: "Shambala (PRTHIVI-DEVALOKA) 'Earth that is Heaven'" (1974) by Yokoo Tadanori.

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MFA members! Reserve your free timed-entry tickets to “Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic” now, three weeks before they become available to the general public. The classic #WinnieThePooh stories are at the center of this immersive exhibition comprising more than 200 works drawn primarily from the archives of the @vamuseum in London. The original drawings, letters, photographs and early editions on display explore how the stories of Pooh and his friends continue to delight generations of readers around the world.
Not a member? Join today! In addition to the general run of the exhibition, MFA members can buy tickets for the ticketed Member Preview, September 16 to 21, and the ticketed Member Weekend Hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Some restrictions and blackouts apply. Ticket limits are based on membership levels. Please visit for more information.
✏️: “Pooh and Christopher Robin,” (1970, Ernest Howard Shepard, Line block, and watercolor, hand-colored by E.H. Shepard) © 1970 and 1973, by Ernest H. Shepard and Egmont UK Limited.

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