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Thank you so much for all of your warm wishes. Evan, Flynn and I have been in baby bliss for the last 17days with our new arrival, baby boy Hart. We feel so very blessed. 🙏🏻❤️👼🏻

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@stellarmag 📸 by @ninomunoz

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@stellarmag available Sunday ❤️

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@stellarmag 📸 by @ninomunoz

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📸 #myKORA BTS 🤰🏻

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@kimkimnails you are one of my favorites! Thank you for letting me shoot you for #myKORA 📸🙏🏼✨. Check out some of Kim’s @koraorganics story (video via link in bio)...
“I’m a manicurist and I know that health and beauty are directly related. If you don’t have healthy skin you won’t have healthy nails. I love that the Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement makes it easy to take the vitamins and nutrients that your body & skin needs – there are like 10 Superfoods packed into these little sachets! It’s easy to take with me wherever I go and just add to a water bottle.” - Kim

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My good friend and makeup artist @lisastoreymakeup shot by me for #myKORA 📸❤️✨. Check out a bit of her @koraorganics story (video via link in bio)...
"As a busy makeup artist working on both celebrities and models, I like to start prepping the skin with KORA Mists. It connects me with my client and sets the tone as well as softens the skin so it's ready to absorb moisturizer or oil. The aromatherapy aspect is always a welcome moment throughout the day. The Body Lotion and Noni Glow Body Balm are kit essentials as well as being part of my personal skin care routine. I also use them on my son… because they are organic and deeply moisturizing, I know they will be calming and healing to his skin even after a beach day!" - Lisa

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Shooting @missthemba for #myKORA was so much fun – she has the best energy (and is also an incredible eyelash artist @winxed !) ❤️. Here is a bit of her @koraorganics story (video via link in bio)...
“I’m basically allergic to everything. I’ve had horrible allergies, very sensitive skin and Eczema my entire life. It’s always been challenging for me to find skincare products that I don’t react to, so I was excited when I was introduced to KORA. I love that the entire range is great for sensitive skin. I especially love the Noni Glow Body Oil and have really noticed a difference in the appearance of my stretch marks since using it.” - Themba

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Excited to finally share the #myKORA campaign I personally shot myself, featuring 13 different women of all ages. This was my first official shoot on the other side of the camera as photographer - and I absolutely loved it! Check out my photos of these beautiful women and their #myKORA stories @koraorganics via link in bio 😘🌸🌈✨

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Something exciting launching tomorrow... #myKORA @koraorganics

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