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*In denial that August is halfway over*
We're saying goodbye to #YAP2018 by @DreamTheCombine with a closing party on Thursday, August 23, from 8 p.m. to midnight. Illuminated by moonlight and a multi-hued lighting program, don't miss one of the final chances to experience this interactive, mirrored playground at night with DJ @br0nz3_g0dd3ss, performances by the Dynamic Diplomats of Double Dutch, frozen cocktails, and treats by @mwellshq, @lanewyorkina, and @vanleeuwenicecream. 🍡🍦🍨 Tickets available at

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🌞🌜Scenes situated in both the reality of every day life and unreal, dreamlike scenarios (like the sun and moon taking a walk together down a dusty lane) come together in artist #GauriGill's photographs. Acts of Appearance features papier-mâché artists and local community members wearing handmade, whimsical masks against the backdrop of their home and culture in rural India. Swipe for a selection of works and see them in person before the exhibition closes on September 3. Learn more at

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🚨 Only three more Warm Ups this season? Say less. Catch this week's lineup packed with live acts at #WarmUp2018: OG Ron C & The Chopstars (@ogronc), Maxo Kream (@maxokream), Bali Baby (@balionabeat), Jubilee (@jubileedj), Cuban Doll (@cubanndasavage), World's Fair (@worldsfair), Injury Reserve (@injuryreserve), and Kelman Duran (@kelman.duran).
#WarmUp2018 is organized by curators Eliza Ryan (@eliza__ryan), Naomi Zeichner (@nomizeichner), Taja Cheek (@turrelljames), Dean Bein (@truepanther), Venus X (@venusxgg), Isabelia Herrera (@jabladora), Jonas Leon (@mrjonasleon), and Matt Werth (@rvngintl). Animation by Topos Graphics (@topos_graphics). Special thanks to Ace Hotel (@acehotel) New York, official hotel of Warm Up 2018.

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🔮 Conjuring up blue skies for tomorrow with this idyllic #MeetingMonday captured by @missjazz_mine. Heads up: we will be releasing tickets for #JamesTurrell fall sunset viewings soon. Subscribe to the MoMA PS1 e-mail list at to be among the first to know when tickets are available!

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Queens in the front, Manhattan in the back.

To celebrate our Long Island City neighborhood, we're hosting a special event for the LIC community tomorrow, Monday, August 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. Enjoy a summer evening in the courtyard with drinks and refreshments by @mwellshq, plus guided tours and extended access to all of our summer exhibitions—closing soon! RSVP at
📷: @mc718_ #selfiesunday

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👀 Omar-S: "Move to Detroit. You can do what the fuck you want to do.”
A Detroit staple and a nearly mythological figure in dance music, Omar-S emerged in the underground techno/house scene in the early 2000s, self-releasing small-batch 12" singles labeled by hand. Now a legend in the genre, he refuses to let go of his unorthodox, maverick spirit. His set this Saturday at #WarmUp2018 is a must-see. Tickets at

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Swipe for @zadiexa details 💦 Her “magical garments," are colorful, multilayered textile works that explore contemporary identity construction and performance through cultural sampling, informed by Xa’s own experience within the Asian diaspora. Her intricate, hand-sewn garments stitch together familiar symbols used to identify Asian bodies as ‘other’ (the commodified yin-yang symbol, sword blades, lucky numbers, and ‘monolid’ eyes). Combined with references to music, digital space, fashion, and art history, Xa's work uses a system of personalized semiotics.
Now on view in Body Armor, these garments serve as an interconnected installation that navigates the space between costume, painting, and performance. See works by #ZadieXa and three other contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of how we construe femininity across a range of cultures, geographies, and generations before the exhibition closes September 9. More at
Photos by @pablo.enriquez

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PSA: hot new acts added to an already super-deluxe #WarmUp2018 lineup featuring sets by Detroit house legend Omar-S, Swedish producer Axel Boman (@axelboman), experimental soul artist Jon Bap (@jonbap), Berlin DJ Jennifer Cardini (@jennifercardini), NYC-born and raised group Standing on the Corner (@standing_on_the_corner), Paris electro staple Molly (@molly_emeline), and DJ Sanna (@sannaswedan). 🎟️ at
#WarmUp2018 is organized by curators Eliza Ryan (@eliza__ryan), Naomi Zeichner (@nomizeichner), Taja Cheek (@turrelljames), Dean Bein (@truepanther), Venus X (@venusxgg), Isabelia Herrera (@jabladora), Jonas Leon (@mrjonasleon), and Matt Werth (@rvngintl). Animation by Topos Graphics (@topos_graphics). Special thanks to Ace Hotel (@acehotel) New York, official hotel of Warm Up 2018.

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@artsy features #JuliaPhillips in their list of the top 20 women artists who are pushing sculpture forward. See new work by the artist now on view at MoMA PS1 through September 3.
Image: Julia Phillips, Extruder (#1), 2017. Photo by @matthewseptimus.

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Contemporary photographer #GauriGill worked with members of an Adivasi community in rural India on her portrait series Acts of Appearance, featuring local collaborators wearing their handmade masks and enacting scenes from daily life. This photograph of four figures, a donkey, a male overseer, and two women working "is an implication of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, a government scheme intended to provide wages for work to the rural poor. In this context, we read the actor seeming to hover on high as a contractor or government agent, a symbol of class exploitation. In practice, in Indian society, those on the lowest social rung, like the Adivasis, are accorded less value than beasts. It’s a sharp critique of a system that has been built on the edifice of economic slavery." Read more via @hyperallergic at

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🔜 Laff Trax, a new collaboration between Toro Y Moi (@toroymoi) and Nosaj Thing (@nosajthing), has been in the works since 2013, when Chaz's wispy vocals appeared on Jason's second album, "Home." Now veterans of the indie/electronic scene, the duo is sure to receive a warm welcome tomorrow at #WarmUp2018. Advance tickets are selling fast; get yours at

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A long-time collaborator with Solange and Blood Orange, singer/songwriter Starchild (@thisisstarchild) is now taking center stage with his solo project, Starchild & The New Romantic. In the video "Hangin' On," Starchild elicits images of the civil rights movement to connect political struggles with personal hopes and dreams. His music also references black history, pulling from blues, rock and roll, funk, and R&B. See Starchild & The New Romantic perform this Saturday at #WarmUp2018. Tickets at

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