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It’s not easy being the only one left in the house... But then they came back and it was the best day of her life again. 😍😭😅#firstdayofschool

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Let’s get back to living our best lives especially and in spite of when our tummies do this

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Shoutout to whoever invented these restroom toddler traps. Respect.

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Lots of folks asking for a tour of the home we moved into. Well, it’s gonna be a jolt to your spoiled insta-trained eyeballs because it’s far from perfect. I’m in a gross relationship with imposter syndrome, and part of my self therapy is living and revealing my truth. This place is old and it needs a lot of love, but I’m going to show it anyway because luckily, loving is my specialty.

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No one tell her she’s not actually swimming

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Half of my kitchen is missing. Wee Goofball Gumshoe is on the hunt to locate it.

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Everything about this house is in disarray except what matters. #homewithyou #rescue #moving

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I took them all to the Boardwalk and I thought I’d crumble, but it was just like the time I took baby Jack and Zoe to Central Park on the subway. Both times I ended up feeling 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼! So what I’m saying is, it’s all relative no matter how many kids you have. Also I was in bed by 8.

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Hopelessly Devoted #rescue

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My child threw a fit about raisins in her bagel this morning... absolutely threw. down. Sometimes I just stare at her and wonder where she came from. #raisinsforlife

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I heard once that we only get 18 summers with our children. Sure does bring a little perspective. ❤️

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“Just let me live, lady.” (please note the shoes in the buggy in lieu of a doll baby 💃🏼) #alsosnacks

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