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maddie ziegler, definition of perfection
ac emiliasbastard
cc loren.xfv
dt @mztrash @johnxkenz @itsjohnnyswife @b.oujeez @ilovenoahcentineomorethanu @shookvii
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feelin my shi
rm/ac svpremelor
i. love. this. song.

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a smile can hide everything
rm brtayleyvidz
no theme that’s too much work

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can you guess my what my favourite friendship is
my audio
cc lyss🙄
@laurenorlando88 @kenzie

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a little too much
my audio
cc yt

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how can you not love her <3
rm/ac xviolethugs
my colouring (its ae mwah)
tag her? sorry this is so simple

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cc yt
my audio

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no edit for today enjoy this video of the literal cutest human
ib amber
cc youtube i forget the name

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cc oml
ac xhiraeths (my voiceover)
creds for vid @nadia_ruby_turner_1_fan
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y’all be sleeping on lauren 😴
cc heartregui (i think whoops)
ac emiliasbastard
dt hala xo
before you start hating i love annie and kenzie the point of this is that lauren is underrated..

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deserves nothing but happiness
ac idk
dt @johnxkenz @itsjohnnyswife

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