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The goat himself and @ninja in one pic! It’s amazing what these guys have done to the @fortnite world.. truly bringing the game to a different level. 😂😂😂😂 ninja the goat!

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Couple of hooligans! With @playerstribune

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My folks! Miss em! #CuseStrong

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I stay away from them clowns, watch how I move through the circus... #dominicanrepublic

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Only thing I ask is that y’all keep the same energy. Tides will change with hard work each day. #MadeToLast @lining.official

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“Yerrrrrp” everyday grind

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Thank you to my dog Jeff gallo @maxson69 for the painting! My new favorite artist.

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Ha!!! My Dogs!

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Family first!

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From the Sand Box!!!

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Flash from the past! Babc x St. Andrews!

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Congrats to my lil guys for graduating today! I can’t believe it. Memories on memories and now they are off to college 😢

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