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Goals for the weekend 💯

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Memorial Day weekend is upon us and my friends over at @leesasleep are hosting a special event just for the MDIC community! Click the link in my bio for $150 off any Leesa mattress or $225 off any Sapira mattress! Move fast, this event won’t last long!
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Great day for a nap in the hammock
🎥: @sugarbearthebully

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When you’re too tired to play 🤣
🎥: @paddysgoldenpuppies

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It’s the weekend, let’s hit the pool!💦
📷: @pugloulou

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Is there something on my face?
📷: @gsd.kyser

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Snoozy baby 💤
📷: @hedvig_oeb

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Riding to school like..
🎥: @bulldogholly

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Wake me up when it’s Friday 💤
📷: @hollyandhazelnut

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Hi yes I’m here for the job interview 👔
📷: @henry.and.luke

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My friends over at @PetFusion just released their new PetFusion BetterLounge dog bed, and they want you to have one! For a limited time only, this mattress will be on sale (link in my bio). The PetFusion BetterLounge is made of solid memory foam, has a microsuede cover, and comes in 2 sizes (L, XL). Between comfort, temperature, and ache & pain relief, this is your dog’s next favorite bed!
#PetFusion #mydogiscutest

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Corgi or Kardashian? 🍑

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