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Do you take this dog to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do. 😍
πŸ“·: @aura.theaussie

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The perfect shirt to wear to let everyone know your dog is in fact, the boss. Want this tee? Head over to the link in @bubsandbettys bio to grab yours!

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#tbt to when I was just a scared little puppy in the big city πŸŒƒ
πŸ“·: @torythegolden

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I’m just a babyyyy, hold meeee!
πŸ“·: @littleboyhuey

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Imma sleepy bear so g’night frens plz wave back πŸ’€
πŸ“·: @redlabcrew

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We all know how hot pavement can get! In extreme heat, please keep your dog on grass and other safe surfaces, and always apply organic #PawTection before heading outdoors (and reapply throughout the day). Harsh surfaces cause paws to dry, crack and peel. PawTection helps to guard against damage and keep paws healthy.
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[Photo by: @junebugbeatrice_thefrenchie]

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No more treats?! OK, then I’m ready for my tummy rub!
πŸ“·: @dumpling_thecorgi

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Mama goes out in the car machine and I getta come with πŸ‘…
πŸ“·: @tuckerbudzyn

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I destroyed a pillow, peed inside, and just got done digging a hole. So yeah, I’d say today was a good day...
πŸ“·: @georgiatheberner

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Is it time to get up already?
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Don’t let this face fool you...I’ll steal the shoes off your feet.
πŸ“·: @adventures_with_kodiak

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Dis what happens when I scarf din din and run laps around the house πŸ’€
πŸ“·: @bulathelab

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