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“All My Friends Are Stars” Festival this Saturday, August 4th at @portolibregbg with @allmyfriendsarestars ✨✨✨ #sweden is a dream! 😭 NY/Haiti is in the building...thanks for your support, Loves! 🙏🏾💗 #göteborg #gothenburg #musicfestival #allmyfriendsarestars #naiikasings

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Shout out to @allmyfriendsarestars Music Festival ✨...Göteborg in 3...2...1... hej 👋🏾, Sweden! Look forward to performing for you 💗 #musicfestival #göteborg #allmyfriendsarestars #naiikasings #liveperformance

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Friday oh Friday (#friendzonefriday 😂)...two posts tonight for my competing moods: 💃🏿 & 💆🏾. This is my forever jam! "Just friends" @musiqsoulchild with the lovely @bumblymusic 🎸and @bes_music_ 🎥💛. Have a great weekend, Loves 💗 #fbf #naiikasings #artistssupportingartists

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MOMA was a party 💥; congrats to @nkumukatalay and #thelifelongproject 💛. Repping for the diaspora 🙌🏾 images/vid reposted from Nkumu, @sophialorencoffee, @anyanephotography, and @dejo541. Thanks, @themuseumofmodernart 🙏🏾. Band shoutouts: @nkumukatalay, @dorianellj, @sophialorencoffee, @no_propaganda, @oddet_em, @alaafia14, @joeykeysade, @enndema, @the_gabby_j, @simmysugaplum, @la_fille_asiatique. #congoforyou #diaspora #nkumukatalay #naiikasings

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#wellnesswednesday The source is good for my 💗. Me trying to be discrete in the train station last yr. more vids this week...stay tuned. Blessings 🙏🏾 #godfirst #naiikasings

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Performance at Shapeshifter Lab this Sunday! It's a blessing to play with my Haitian sensation drumming homie @gashfordg 🙌🏾. 8pm (link in bio)...see you there 💫#naiikasings

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Yesterday had a great time with @jetblue ✈️; pray you all had a happy 4th! The last vid 😂😂😂 my family #cameramangoals 😭. Thanks @theprimeminister80 and the whole JB team, @eunii_stylez for the gorgeous hair/makeup, @vscorresponding, @nassaucountyfirepipes, the John Adams HS JROTC Color Guard, and @flicksbybojack for the pics 🙏🏾. Blessings, Loves 💗 #naiikasings

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This song has nursed me through so much. I struggle with being a perfectionist and wanting everything to be perfect. Performing on the trains was something I was very opposed to at first and it has ended up blessing me so much. I tried mixing this song a few ways and haven't found the right fit yet, so I'm releasing it completely unmixed. Which is hard for me to do, but I really hope you guys enjoy it. I am open to getting it mixed with the right person/people, if anyone has ideas. If you enjoy the song, please feel free to share it. Right now, I'm looking to remain an independent artist and this is the first song off the project I'd love to release. Thank you guys so much! Love, naiikasings 💗 Full link in bio. Kindly subscribe 🙏🏾 "Give It To God" credits: guitar performed by Alex (Lex-One Pro) Velez #lexonepro. Additional vocals gifted by @bumblymusic and @lifeofcato. Recorded at @loungestudiosny (Joe & Jordan thank you...also, Walt and Blue, respect for the whole team 🙏🏾). @phil_phlaymz , thanks for helping me out with the first go round. Blessings, everybody 💫 #godfirst #naiikasings #allmyfriendsarestars #ittakesavillage #artistssupportingartists

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#fbf this day...a year ago. Have you ever found yourself upset not by a failure, but a win? My first time busking (a.k.a street performing) over two years ago, I sang for 10 minutes with no mic or backing track (both failed me in the moment) and people showed me so much love regardless. I found myself feeling flustered and upset afterwards and I couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me. Two epiphanies made me uncomfortable: 1. Wow, this is possible? Look at how much time I’ve “wasted” on doubt/disbelief....and 2. When I stretch myself, God is limitless and may stretch me beyond my own expectations. That was scary for me and at times it continues to be. Since that first time on the union square L train platform, I’ve pretty much busked or performed in every place I’ve traveled to. Sometimes with that fear still as my companion...only thing is now I accept it as just a feeling and choose to rise above it more often. Plus, the rewards?! Man, look at these sweet faces 💗💗💗 #italy #2017 #naiikasings

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Hello, Loves 💗! Sat down with my homegirl Alex (a.k.a. Lex-One) the other day to do this real quick. Full version on my YouTube (link in bio). I hope this would’ve made MJ smile 😭💗... #mychildhoodhero #oneofmyheroesstill #michaeljackson #naiikasings

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If you want to view paradise, simply 👀 around 💗#pureimagination #naiikasings #tbt

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💛💛💛💛💛#powerofthepeople #naiikasings with @kafelemusic #2016

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