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115 Degrees Fahrenheit = 46 degrees Celsius .

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@marenmorris & I filmed a live version of 'Seeing Blind' on tour . You can watch it here

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Guess my favourite song of the summer ! Comment below and you’ll have a chance to win a pair of custom @Bose #QC35 II headphones. #BoseAmbassador. Full rules at

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Delighted to say that over the last few years Horan and Rose has raised 1.5 million pounds . No way did we think when we started this that it would turn into such a major event . Thank you to everyone who has donated to a really worthy cause . This total is still on the rise as we add on the last of the money from last weekend . Thanks @justinprose99 @markmac14 @nickymturley @p1j7m and Kate Rose.

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Just about to sign some Horan & Rose charity T-shirts . 50 of you will randomly receive one. You’ve got 5 days left to buy it over at @yellowbirdproject . 100% of the profits go to @CR_UK and the #KateandJustinRoseFoundation. Link in bio !

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The Dream Team ! What a great day with this bunch of lads . Laughs were definitely had , played some fantastic golf and came in 2nd place. To be honest we are all still inconsolable as we were convinced we had it won for a long time on the way round . @williedevine84 @johnterry.26 @paulyodon ... 📸 @christiantierney

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What a weekend ! Horan & Rose 2018 was a huge success . We raised so much money for @cr_uk and had a great time while doing so (I’ll update ya on how much we actually raised when we get a final number ) . Gotta say a huge thank you to @nickymturley and @markmac14 for organising all of this, you guys are incredible. Those who came along for the evening , you were extremely fun and generous all at the same time . @justinprose99 and I can’t thank you enough . On to the next one ! 🍀🌹📸 @christiantierney

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Thank you to @bose for being so generous and donating #SoundSport Free to raise funds at #horanandrose this weekend .

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thank you @taylorswift for having me last night at Wembley . What a fantastic experience to share the stage with you! ❤️

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I've got this exclusive and limited edition charity tee just for my fans! 100% of the profits will be shared between @cr_uk & the #kateandjustinrosefoundation. Available for only two weeks at @yellowbirdproject. Get yours now and you could be one of 50 people to be randomly selected to have a signed tee by me too!! Hope you like it x (link in bio)

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Great to be back with my great friends @latelateshow . This time we’re in london . I love this show so much . thank you @mrbenwinston @j_corden @fulwell73productions for always being amazing , Love you all ! US tonight @ 11:30 Central / 12:30 western . UK tomorrow night 10pm on sky 1

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I just found out that my album ‘Flicker’ has just got to 1 billion streams . This is an album that I spent 18 months making . It’s an album that I put all of myself into . It was an emotional experience , it was a lot of long long hours grafting In the studio and trying to get as much out of myself as possible . The way that this album has been received has been incredible . Thank you so much to you all for taking it under your wing and making it your own . Thank you @spotify

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