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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

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Hey Guys here’s another scene from “The Matchmaker’s Playbook” Movie w @caitcarv 🎬🍿 if you’re hung over from Cinco de Mayo head over to Amazon and throw this on 🤙🏼 To watch link in Bio

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Hook Shoot to Hook Kick 🏀

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Surf Lessons 🏄

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Abu Dhabi with @etihadairways #RunwaytoRunway @alyssahali

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Ian Hunter in “The Matchmaker’s Playbook” Movie is now on Amazon 🎬 🍿 link in Bio

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3 years ago with 7k in the bank, I packed up my life into my old Car and drove 2500 miles from Toronto to Los Angeles to chase my dreams in a city where I knew almost nobody. When I first arrived I failed at almost everything I did, I heard “no” or “you can’t do that” almost everyday. Thankfully my failures were the main thing that made me learn and grow. All the people saying that I couldn’t do something motivated me more than any “yes” ever could. Over my life I have learned you only achieve true success through failure, so embrace your failure, learn from your mistakes and NEVER take no for an answer. The most successful people have failed more times than you can imagine, I promise you that. 10 years ago I was 15k in debt and working at a Retail store. With persistence YOU CAN DO ANYTHING
Thank you to my Mom for telling me I can do anything 😘

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This World is full of beauty 🕌 🙏🏼

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