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“The Drew League has always been more than playing basketball. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Jr Drew or the Drew League, we instill the same values and teach the same mental toughness. Everyone learns from each other. Whatever your crazy dream is, we reach for it together, and we get there together.” - Dino Smiley, Commissioner of the @drewleague from 1985-2017
Born for the game, built by the community. 45 years of chasing crazy dreams. How will you chase yours? #justdoit

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“Just Do It means that when you come up against something, you go accomplish it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed the first time; you always get back up and try again. If it matters to you, there are no excuses. It’ll take hard work and sacrifices, but if we appreciate every day and believe in what we’re doing, success will come.” - @kingjames
LeBron James chooses to inspire, no matter what. He dropped into Just Do It HQ to share why with the next generation, and to encourage them to go for their crazy dreams. #justdoit

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This summer, don’t lose sight of your dreams. #justdoit
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“Training is about visualizing becoming a champion. I train the way I want to compete. It’s a safe place to push yourself and fail, so that when you get to competition, you’re ready and confident. And remember: there are no sacrifices. Everything you do is an investment in your future. Don’t put off your dreams until next year, and then the next. Believe today, work hard today.”
@sanyarichiross dropped into Just Do It HQ to share her training wisdom and inspiration with young athletes chasing their crazy dream. Chase yours this summer at Just Do It HQ: learn more at link in bio. #justdoit

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A family affair.
The @drewleague is more than a battle ground for LA’s best basketball players: it’s a community. Through the Jr. Drew, kids are encouraged to learn skills in basketball, teamwork, and leadership, so they can chase their crazy dreams both on and off the court. #justdoit

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“I used to write on my wall what people would say I could or couldn’t do. It was a reminder of what I had to do to make my crazy dreams happen. Every day, I make sure I lay it all on the line, because then I know I did everything I could to get to where I want to go.” @dangerusswilson
shares how doubt fuels his drive to chase his dreams, every day. Chase yours this summer at Just Do It HQ. Learn more at link in bio. #justdoit

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From LA to Vegas, @kevindurant celebrated the grind of those chasing their dreams and inspired the next generation on Flight 35. #justdoit

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My name is Skyy Clark, I’m fourteen years old and my crazy dream is to be the greatest basketball player of all time.

I’m different because I want to work harder than everybody, I just want to be better than everybody, that's what separates me. Don't listen to what anybody else says, just do it.

Learn more about @_skyyclark_’s story at link in bio. How will you chase your crazy dream? #justdoit

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Train together. Go farther.

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