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Classic team tour.

Daan overcrooks. Cyrus goes back side. Jacopo on top. Bobby smithers. Blake in the Team Classic. Nyjah braaaaaps.

Tap in to the bio link to watch the I-58 Tour roll through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas at @transworldskate.

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🦅 @downsouthinhell back noseblunt at Burnside for the GT Blazer X Cat’s Paw.
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Everybody’s a winner. @copenhagenopen what a wild ride. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin. Longest contest ever. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
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See you next year in...

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Congrats on the shoe, @mickeyreyes.
GT Blazer X @catspawsaloon out now only in skate shops.
#NikeSB | @downsouthinhell

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An ode to skate hangouts, the GT Blazer X Cat’s Paw is available today exclusively at the original hang out hub, your local skate shop.
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The dive that came alive.

Established in 2017 by @mickeyreyes, @catspawsaloon quickly became the destination for any skateboarder passing through Portland, Oregon…besides Burnside. It was only a matter of time before we linked up with Mickey for a special edition GT Blazer. Bringing Grant Taylor to Portland’s original D.I.Y. was a no-brainer.

Full story playing at
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Proudly serving Portland and skateboarding.

The Nike SB GT Blazer X Cat’s Paw features a durable suede toe cap and perforated quarter panels for breathability while design cues from Mickey Reyes’ Rose City watering hole adorn the heel, insole and lace tips.
The GT Blazer X Cat’s Paw will be available exclusively in skate shops August 9. Hit up your local SB dealer for details. #supportyourlocalskateshop
#NikeSB | @downsouthinhell @mickeyreyes

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@downsouthinhell up in the northwest.
Lofty 270 step up in the GT Blazer X @CatsPawSaloon. Available only in skate shops Thursday, August 9.
#NikeSB | 📷@photojoebrook

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Cat's Paw Shoe Service. Proudly serving Portland and Skateboarding.

GT Blazer #comingsoon exclusively to skate shops.

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40-stair boardslides. Street gaps and picnic tables. @alis_wndrlnd 20 Year Anniversary. Hectic day three at @copenhagenopen ❤️❤️ @deeddz @ishodwair @masonsilva @luanomatriz @seanmalto @sssimsala
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