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I used to ride my sister’s horse Black Bucket along this river years ago. Then I used to walk along this river with my beloved Davyd. Now I walk by myself, but all of it is alive in my mind. “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.” —Kazuo Ishiguro

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With my mom and dad, in my pajamas, at a moment in time, many years ago.

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See how a little kindness makes a world of difference. #WontYouBeMyNeighbor is an intimate look at America’s favorite neighbor: #MisterFredRogers. Watch the trailer at the link in our bio, and see it in select theaters June 8th. #MrRogersMovie

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With my high school friend (and one of my best friends) Cathy O’Neal to spend time with Mr. Rogers. Cathy will always be older than me. Just a few weeks, but nevertheless older.

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Be patient and do the work.

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I finished this book last night and loved it. “It is strange how close the past is, even when you imagine it to be so far away. Strange how it can just jump out of a sentence and hit you. Strange how every object or word can house a ghost. The past is not one separate place. It is many, many places, and they are always ready to rise into the present.” —Matt Haig #HowToStopTime #MattHaig

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Out to dinner tonight with my mom and her friend Willa Dunleavey.

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#TBT This popped up amongst my photos this morning; directing Blake Lively on #GossipGirl. I directed twelve episodes. It was a very happy period of time in my life.

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What’s happening to these families is not a partisan issue - it’s a human crisis and we need each other right now.
I’ve joined forces with and we’ve raised over $1.9 million to help the helpers on the ground.
100% of your donation goes to the lawyers and social workers working with these families.
Please give. $5 makes a huge difference. Link in profile.
Full update on where your money is working is here:

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Dinner tonight with my sis Betty, bro Pat, mom Betty Bob, and friend Cathy.

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Lunch with my mother and brother Mike today.

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Rainy morning in Dallas.

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