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Happy times w/ friends. 👍🏻

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We spent days making a bunch of useless things out of tin foil, come see the end result:

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There’s those friends who always naturally look good in pictures.. and then there’s the rest of us.

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You guys got it to #1 trending! Thanks to everyone who watched! 😘

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Caption contest. Gooooo!

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It’s been a while but the Fortnite vid is finally finished and uploaded!

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See, I could’ve played the Grudge girl..

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Only true gamers know... this is the real way to play.

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New vid is up! Sadly, even after you watch it, this still doesn’t make sense.

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AND 1... second later this was blocked. Not sure if I still trust this 27 year long process. #TankingForLife

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“Who left all this hair here!?”
Roku begins whistling.

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