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Giving leisure time a whole new meaning.
The #BMW #5series Touring.

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Just remembering the time I accidentally hit a man with a toy in Cambodia. My aim is impeccable. @itselliotknight @oldwilliamreed 😂

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Mood for my bachelorette in the next weeks be like.. 😎 Guess where I’m gonna celebrate.. #ChiaraTakes..?

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Photo @tbfrost | Words by @paulrosolie What makes the blunt-headed-tree snake so remarkable is that it can be four feet long and still be only thick as a pencil. They are a common nocturnal find in the lower canopy of the west Amazon. Last night we found two. One of them was a dark grey and the other a luscious red earth hue with cream colored bands. Both had the absurdly large eyes that are signature to their species (eyes of a blunt headed tree snake can make up ¼ of the entire head!). But what struck me most was watching the difference in their personalities. It may sound crazy, but the earthy one (pictured) was hyper and curious and always moving through my fingers, entirely different from the calmer grey one who seemed content with stillness. She would extend her body straight out, and you could see her eyes moving as her tongue flicked. When she came face to face with a sweat bee, she paused. Watching her it was impossible not to wonder what was going on in the tiny brain between those eyes. Some people will tell you exploration is dead, they see nothing left to discover, and yet our ignorance of the beings around us remains abyssal.
To see more photos of Amazon snakes, including green anacondas - the largest snake in the world, I'm @tbfrost

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Sending shivers down your S Line. #AudiA4

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Sunday’s are for relaxing 🌸💞🛁 Self care is not always about working out and eating right, mental well-being plays a huge role in our overall health. I personally struggle with stress and anxiety, but one of my favorite things to do is take a relaxing bath and read a book, a real book! Not one on my phone where if I get a text I get sucked into work.
Putting my phone away for an hour or two and taking some “me time” is super important. Self Care is not Selfish!! If you could do one thing for yourself today what would it be?? .

#relax #breathe #happy #bathtime #bath #read #flowers #model #work #stress #fashion #anacheri #selflove #selfcare #beyou #doyou #travel #worldcup #sunday #sundayfunday #smile

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Rise up in support of #LGBTQ youth & inclusive schools while dancing to these trailblazing artists on the @GLSEN + @Heardwell PRIDE compilation. Link in bio

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👶➡️🧔 Leo Messi has come a long way!
👶➡️🧔 ¿Con cuántos años llegó Leo Messi al Barça?
👶➡️🧔 Amb quants anys va arribar Leo Messi al Barça?
#FCBarcelona #Barça #LeoMessi #Messi #igersBarça #ForçaBarça

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Waktu menunjukan pukul 02.00 pagi, inilah ibu2 jaman now, di bilang besok aja rapihin nya tp gak mau nunda2 kerjaan kata nya 😂😂😂 mau sepatu rapih butuh perjuangan kata nya hahahahha
#rubenonsu #justruben #realbensu #jalani_nikmati_syukuri #janganlupabahagia #senyuminaja #rezekigakketuker

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Tag a dude that needs these! 👇😩😂 #WSHH

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C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A!!! 🇨🇴 ❤ Shak

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Can rainbow contouring be an everyday thing? 👌🏼 #MACLovesPride #Regram @mac5thavenue

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Taking inspiration from the work of the House's long-term illustrator René Gruau, the airy stripes of this Dior Men Summer 2019 shirt and trousers by @MrKimJones get a masculine grounding with an aged leather jacket before being cinched by a belt that features the season's signature buckle.

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Natural perfection! This palette is available where #toofaced is sold including @theofficialselfridges! #regram @hashtagfablife #tfnaturalbeauty

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#AnastasiaBrows @inngenue
#Dipbrow in Medium Brown and Clear Brow Gel
#ABHxAmrezy Highlighter

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kat meets dog

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Thank you. @calpurniaofficial @spendtime.palace

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So cool 😱❤️ @kiaraskynails

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🤔🤔 #Repost @nickyjampr
Quién será el otro artista invitado a #XRemix??🔥¿🙅🏽‍♂?@jbalvin

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Quién será el otro artista invitado a #XRemix??🔥¿🙅🏽‍♂?@jbalvin

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Fútbol ⚽ Fiesta 🎉Orgullo por tus colores 🇨🇴Unión de culturas 🙌 ¡AMO EL MUNDIAL! #heretocreate #creadoconadidas @adidasco

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Feels so old
#9gag #incredibles2

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quem nunca morreu de amor, que atire o que quiser. 🔥🐛🦋 - JessicaEllen

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semi sweet

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Maria and Alfredo walk for the #DGDNA Men's Fashion Show, an elegant black look vs a sporty white one.
#DGMenSS19 #mfw #DGMen #DolceGabbana #DGEyewear

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Stay Chillin'🖤⠀
Search: "Still Chillin' Set"⠀

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So cute ❤️❤️❤️ @glambysuzan #repost @makeup__crush

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Beauty by @hudafode ❤️

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