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Summer won't last forever, so eat all the watermelon you can now! No seriously, like, right now!! 🐢🍉

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Millions of American homes are threatened by flooding, but it can be extremely difficult for a home buyer to gauge the risk due to a lack of access to a property’s flood history.
Nearly half of all states don’t require sellers to tell buyers whether a property has been flooded—demonstrating the need for national flood insurance reform.
Check out the link in our bio to explore NRDC’s new interactive map to see whether your state’s real estate disclosure laws suggest “buyer beware” when it comes to flooding.

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Great news: after years of fighting to protect their habitat, we did it! Hawaii’s false killer whales now have a chance to come back from the brink. Responding to legal action by NRDC and our partners, the National Marine Fisheries Service has designated 17,500 square miles of ocean as critical habitat for this endangered species. Read more about this exciting victory in our profile link!

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"Aaaahhhhh." A brown bear dries off after a refreshing dip.

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When the American Lung Association analyzed two common air pollutants—ground-level ozone (also known as smog) and small particle pollution—they found that about 133 million Americans breathe unhealthy air. People in these communities are at greater risk for asthma, cardiovascular damage, and lung cancer. But the report, "The State of the Air 2018," also identified six cities with the cleanest air. To get more places on that clean air list, we must fight any move to allow more pollution from cars, trucks, power plants, and oil and gas operations. Click the link in our bio to take action!

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This year’s hurricane season is underway—yet Puerto Rico is still working to restore power after last summer’s blackout—the largest in U.S. history. To make the island and other coastal communities more resilient to the more frequent extreme weather that will come with climate change, rebuilding efforts should include the installation of renewable microgrids. Technology innovations allow microgrids to run cheaply on solar or wind and store energy efficiently, so they can keep humming even when a big storm knocks the grid out. Learn more via the link in our profile!

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Happy #WorldElephantDay! We're working hard every day to keep 🐘 protected, join our fight by visiting the link in our profile.

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President Trump keeps offering new justifications for his plan to halt progress on automotive fuel efficiency. His latest argument is that tighter standards will increase traffic deaths, because people would rather keep driving their old, less safe cars than buy newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles. His theory is fabricated and unsubstantiated. If President Trump wants to save lives, he should worry about the millions of deaths linked to air pollution and the climate change crisis.
Don’t rollback fuel economy standards. Keep our country moving forward. Visit the link in our bio to learn how.

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Good morning, this baby river otter wants to remind you that it's important to stay hydrated, so maybe drink a glass of water if you have a sec?

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BREAKING: The EPA illegally delayed its ban on chlorpyrifos, so we sued and won!💪⚖ Today, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with @NRDC, @Earthjustice, and our partners, and ruled that the EPA must finalize its ban on chlorpyrifos—a pesticide linked to learning disabilities in children—from use on produce sold in the U.S. within 60 days. 🥦🌶🥕🍓 Learn more about this case by visiting the link in our bio.

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Happy #InternationalCatDay! This mountain lion kitten was found by @NationalParkService researchers in @SantaMonicaMountainsNPS, eartagged, and returned to its den.

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Next month, thousands of people across the country will march for #ClimateJobsJustice as part of the #PeoplesClimate movement. Find out how to join a march in your city by visiting the link in our profile! We’ll see you there! [Photo: Bobby Bruderle for NRDC]

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