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Half of me. Some around me nowadays know that I have this account, that I'm "nude_yogagirl". (For you I'm problaly just Nude Yoga Girl and you don't even think about the person behind.) But many have been surprised who know about both that I'm doing something like this. Publishing nude yoga photos and so on. We really can't completely know each other from social media. It’s just one part of life.

One side of me would like to tell you everything. And the other side wants to keep this anonymous. ❤️

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One question once a week... Do you feel free? ❤️

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One person said to me today “don't worry about "how" ". And I realized that I’ve become a person that I never used to be. Usually I’ve set goals and dreamed about things which haven’t felt that realistic. I still started to work towards them in my mind and physically - even if I didn't have any idea about how everything was going to go.

I’ve moved abroad to work before even having any kind of confirmed job. I’ve started studying in university even if I didn't have any clue of what kind of work I wanted to do in that industry. I travelled to places without knowing where to stay during the night. My thing was just to do and then see. Not to think in advance about what’s next, what is the result excatly or especially not to think about HOW. How will I do everything, how will I meet the right people, how will I perform...

How can we know before we have faced it! If I would wait to be ready, I wouldn't take any steps forward. So why have I started to worry and wait some exact moment instead of creating it by myself like usually. Maybe it was excuses, because it's scary to put yourself in a situation where you can fail. Where you can notice that it was a totally unsuccessful move. Invested for nothing. But are there really any risks in dreams? Maybe the only risk is that we never put ourself in a place where something can happen, where we can try. ❤️

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Document the moment you feel most in love with yourself
what you’re wearing
who you’re around
what you’re doing.
Recreate and repeat. ❤️
~ Warsan Shire

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9 photos, one location.❤️Which one of these photos do you like the most? 😊(1-top left and 9-bottom right)

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One question once a week... Which one do you like more, listening or talking? 😊❤

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”Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”. ~ Dalai Lama ❤️

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I’ve never had such a long break from here! A few have asked if everythings is ok. Thanks for caring. 😘 Yes, everyhthing is more than ok, I just took a short holiday from social media etc... Usually I'm easily 10 hours a day on my computer or phone. Now I was one week totally without my computer and it was amazing!! I enjoyed so much my holiday and road trip in Europe with our friends.

I had many things going on work wise last spring/beginning of the summer that I was exhausted. More than ever. Taking time off gave me new perspectives on my working habits and my limits. I'm so happy that I took time off - for a passionate entrepreneur it's very difficult... Still even if we love what we do, it's healthy and necessary to keep a holiday. Are there any other workaholics who have difficulties to take some time off? 😌

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"And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good." ❤ ~ John Steinbeck

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This is actually an old photo but I’ve never posted it. I thought my posture was so inelegant and wierd in a negative way. But now I think it's more fun, different...

For me it's quite typical to look back and see things and especially old photos differently now than in the past. I'm very self-critical so it's easy to look at faults in the moment. No matter if it was about work, looks etc...

I think I'm not the only one who nowadays looks for example at old photos thinking: "Hey, that's actually quite pretty, why did I use so much energy to worry about it." "I wasn't in such a bad condition as I thought." "My hair was ok, why did I hate it so much." "Why didn't I appreciate that?!" etc.
Have you experienced feelings like this? ❤

I try to remind myself of all this... to help me be less demanding.

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They say Finland is "the land of a thousand lakes". During our Lapland trip I definitely understood why... I saw so many beautiful blue lakes! We went rowing and there was no one around. 😊👆

I've done my profile photo pose now in 6 different countries: England, Italy, Indonesia(Bali), Mexico, Greece and now in Finnish Lapland. Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

I couldn't have wished more from my trip. I will always remember this #LaplandBucketList experience.❤ @onlyinlapland #onlyinlapland #visitkemijärvi #sponsored

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