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FLASHBACK! This is the very first time I ever discussed movie boxing with Michael B Jordan before the making of the first CREED film .. The films brilliant director, Ryan Coogler, of course ,was filming everything behind the scenes!!

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My daughter @sistinestallone and I playing a Very BIG game of chess on the hotel roof!!! ... She won...

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The shirt is getting a little too tight which is a good thing. It means you’re going to the gym is paying off again. I took about a one year layoff due to a lot of damage sustained in reckless stunts.. If any of you are feeling a little under the weather , or maybe, “lost a little bit of the eye of the tiger” which always happens. Believe me, There’s some days I just want to be anywhere in the world but a gym,
but then I look at it as a real “man against machine “ contest and throw myself into it…always take about an hour a day if possible or every other day to just take care of yourself, Start of SLOWLY and then start to feel the SMALL improvements and your enthusiasm will grow. Don’t make exercise work, make it a HOBBY ..OK, world , bring it on... #creed2 #mgm #healthylifestyle #muslesare fun to have #davidaugust. Ps if you look close at the shirt you’ll see it’s made up of thousands of little skulls. Made by David.

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Towing the line in France! Having a great vacation with the family!

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People in France have been so wonderful !

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A very surprising reception at a fantastic seaside restaurant , La Guerite in Cannes , France !!

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One of many of the very exciting paintings @rumble_boxing , a FANTASTIC new gym just opening in west Hollywood! #rumble-boxing #healthylifestyle #muscle

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This caught me totally by surprise!…I would like to thank all these incredibly talented Men, the amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger, the brilliant Al Pacino, the gifted Michael B Jordon, The super hard Punching Dolph Lundgren, the Fantastic Jean-Claude Van Damme, and of course the one and only Apollo Creed, Carl Weathers!

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I want to thank the people who attended the event in Birmingham it was an incredible evening! Looking forward to doing it again!

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After a wonderful couple of days doing events in London , with very warm and enthusiastic audiences, we now begin our long awaited family vacation...#creed 2 #mgm #healthylifestyle #worldcup @slystalloneshop

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Last night in London.

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The next few postings will be from an event on my birthday in London. Wonderful crowd!

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