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Happy Father's Day to this beautiful man ✨ the man that gave me the greatest gift 💗 seeing you become a father has been such a wonderful and fulfilling journey. You are the foundation to our lives. Our lifeline ✨ thank you for all that you do 💕

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Helping Abuelita in the garden 🌼🌿💕✨

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"If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place." -Nora Roberts

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I didn't realize how much time I spent living in the future, until this little soul entered my life. He teaches me how much beauty and happiness is in this very moment. How much joy we have access to, right now.
He teaches me to be present. To see what's in front of me instead of imagining what's to come. He is wise beyond anything I ever imagined him to be.
He is our little guru, our awakener, our motivator, our inspiration.
He's taking us places, expanding our horizon. Opening our hearts and leading us to exactly where we are meant to be 💕 #LucaSolOrion

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"May your touch onto the world be filled with light. May your impact illuminate the darkness and bring out the most magnificent of rays. Take in this moment. Treasure every little bit of it. Get excited over how you are able to grow from this point onwards." -Nicole Addison || How beautiful are these Flower of Life glass water jugs from @livespringwater 🦋💕 ✨charges my water with high frequencies of Love💖 ✨

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Just like all else, dreams grow when you feed them and shrink with neglect. Make sure to fuel them with the right energy ✨

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We welcomed the newest addition to our family on May 27th ✨
@ziiedas thank you for creating such a perfect little human 🌈 and Luca's new best friend ✨💕 #TheoWilfred #LucaSol

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There's so much more to life than what we can feel with our senses and see with our eyes. There more beyond this physical plane of existence✨ if you tune in and open your eye 👁 you will find magic in your every day lives. No matter how boring or dull you're convinced life is, there's more 💗 live from your heart, align with Love 🌈 watch your life unfold perfectly right before your eyes 🦋 endless synchronicities and manifestations 💖

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Maybe I'm a bit late, but we decided to switch to cloth diapers ✨ after much research into 'eco friendly' disposable diapers, I made the decision to switch to cloth. I used to be intimated by the idea of cloth, I thought it would be much added work to an already full day of work that comes with having a child. I was using, what I thought to be, the most natural option of disposable diapers but come to find that these too still have chemicals and plastic in them, which is terrible for our children's health! Not to mention our Earth. I'm in no way bashing parents who use disposable,(I've been using them for the last year) but just wanted to shine some light on cloth diapering. Something I felt would be harder and time consuming, is actually so simple and rewarding ✨ we're about a week into using cloth and we absolutely love it 💗 i feel so much better every time I put a reusable diaper on Luca, knowing I'm not exposing his most sensitive parts to chemicals/plastics and saving the earth from another diaper in a landfill 🙏🌈 just something to think about✨ I've been actively trying to reduce my waste, so switching to cloth was a no brainer! #zerowaste #clothdiapers #consciousparenting

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✨ happiest birthday to my beautiful sister, Vanessa ✨

This woman right here 👆 is the strongest, most inspiring person in my life. Shes my younger sister, but somehow I've always looked up to her my entire life. She is my other half, we always joke that our souls are one, just split into two bodies✨ we always say what the other one is thinking at the exact moment. If you've ever wondered if telepathy is real, it is, and we experience it daily! She is the most amazing, patient and loving tia to my Luca.
I can't believe we are days away from meeting the lovely little soul she is creating within her womb 💗
I am so grateful for you, @ziiedas you are my best friend, thank you for being the amazing woman you are 🙏✨🦋 you are already the most wonderful mother and Theo is so lucky to have chosen you as a his mama 🌈 ✨

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How I feel most mornings.. 😴😆✨🌈 #LucaSol #Mondays

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✨ homemade coconut mylk ✨

This was so easy and simple 🌈 I've been trying to reduce waste, and buying mylks from the market. This way I can know for sure what exactly is in it and feel much better about giving it to my sun.
I used :
✨ •2 cups of organic shredded coconut
✨•3-4 cups of filtered water ✨•1-2 organic dates (optional)
All in a blender. Blend until smooth, then pour over cheese cloth into a bowl and strain. Then transfer into a container and store it in the fridge! Lasts about 5 days (sometimes longer) ✨
You can also use the pulp for baking/granola/smoothies ☺️💕
Takes a total of 10- 15 minutes to make and tastes so fresh and delicious 🌈
#veganfamily #coconutmylk #highvibrations #love

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