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“we’re all self conscious, i’m just the first to admit it” - kanye west. an interesting and enigmatic character to say the least (although this lyric was back when his jams were a bit more on point), but also one of the motivations for my live chat podcast this week. it is so easy to believe you are alone when thoughts and feelings of not being good enough start to creep into your reality. it is hard to remember that we all feel this way all the time. being overly self conscious is one of the most natural human states of being because we are all constantly looking for comfort and belonging. when those two staples of human experience are hard to spot shame will confidently step up to the plate to remind us of our imperfections. fuck that shame though, it’s not real. it is the least accurate projection of yourself the mind can come up with in it’s feeble attempt to keep you locked in your comfort zone and away from the risk of rejection. this self defense mechanism is designed to keep any of us in the places we feel safe, the places we “belong”. there is life beyond the walls of your own self doubt waiting to be lived, remove the pressure of social validation to find joy in the process of becoming comfortable with who you are. find an outlet that doesn’t require popular opinion or input from others to be considered worthy and give yourself the opportunity to be happy with your own efforts.
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there is something about the precision and accuracy of this practice that helps you learn about being in the right place at the right time.

i am officially back in the mix teaching at @communeyoga this week, come practice!

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i am very allergic to caffeine, eggs, and wheat so breakfast has never been my game. in fact, it is something that has always made me feel super awkward or self conscious because there usually wasn’t much i could eat or drink. i hate being that guy, requiring special treatment, and causing a ruckus, so i avoided it all together.

around a year ago i started trying out dandelion root drinks, it has a similar feel to coffee but has no caffeine, then we upped the anti and started adding cacao and maca to the mix, now it is one of my favorite things to have! if you want to move away from coffee for whatever reason i definitely recommend giving dandelion root a try! alternatives are good but i know many people have coffee so ingrained in their ritual, could you give it up?

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for us being in sync is not about agreeing on every little detail, instead it is a belief in the same big picture ideas and trusting each other to continuously make steps in that direction for the good of the whole.

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When good food meets good vibes, you know I’m all about it. #Ad This perfect pairing of roasted veggie pesto pasta + @KeVitaDrinks Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic Meyer Lemon was an amazing backyard meal! The balance of fresh garden Basil + Meyer Lemons keeping me cool in this serious summer heat! Extra bonus, the basil & the lemons both came from our yard! #DrinkInCulture

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this is the moment when you are hanging out in the backyard trying to take a nice family photo but the other two are on their own wave length 😂

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i think this pose is in my “top 5” in terms of most practiced and favorite. ironically i don’t think i have ever posted a picture of dhanurasana so here it is. what’s your favorite pose of the moment?
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protect and power are overrated, i think you are very wise to choose happiness and love - uncle iroh

i’m a bit of a nerd but if you haven’t watched avatar or legend of korra take some time to netflix and chill ✌🏼🙏🏼 #yogapose #yogaflow #yogastudio #yogavideo

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sometimes the best way to spend a friday is taking it easy and making a huge tray of grilled veggies!

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it’s hard to notice your own growth when you look in the mirror everyday to examine yourself. take a moment and write something down, create a benchmark for your current self, then check back on it in a week-month-year and see how much shift has occurred. i don’t believe as much in setting goals but i do believe in capturing ideas, motivations, and states of mind because they help us build the why in whatever we do. when we understand the why it creates a clear line between intention and action that provides honest motivation for the effort required to grow. keep moving forward!

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as i approach each practice the first thing i do is sit in stillness and check in. this simple ritual has helped me tremendously for a few reasons. one - sitting for a few moments in stillness can be a micro meditation. i don’t move until my thoughts are clear, it is a simple way to decompress from everything that has happened up until that point each day. two - checking in allows me the opportunity to shape my practice and physical efforts properly. understanding my current state of being opens up countless options for practice that wouldn’t be there if i was just slogging my way through the same mindless routine. three - in each yoga practice there is a shift that occurs in one way or another, sometimes it is major, sometimes it is subtle, either way by knowing where i started i can better appreciate where i finished.

adding this simple check in ritual to your yoga practice is very helpful for any students journey. keep it simple for yourself - sit down and settle your mind, check in with your current physical, mental, and spiritual energies, take note of where you began so you can appreciate the shift, then start your practice and enjoy the journey!

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i was recently asked why i do all of these various movements in an interview and my answer was so simple they chose not to even use it. my response was because moving brings me joy. the process of taking my body from point A to B with precision and control is something that is fun to me, but as i watch this (and really any video of mine) it is easy to see a deeper layer to my baseline response. everyday my movement practice whether it be yoga or anything else (ps. check out my jump shot in my story!) has helped me learn the balance between focus and obsession. yoga helped me understand how to work hard without taking myself seriously. in every practice i do or video i record there are many moments where i laugh at myself, i find joy in what is going on but also remember it is only as relevant as i want it to be. there are limitless forms of movement and today i was focussed on jumping from down dog onto a tiny block to do off balance single leg squats - a really cool piece to practice or kind of boring depending on your point of view. i could have retaken this five more times to make sure every bit was flawless, but my intention for practicing this repetitiously is not perfect reps it is simply continuing. keeping the journey going. if i find joy the practice was perfect, if i laugh at myself the practice was perfect, if i learn something new the practice was perfect, if i become more aware of myself the practice was perfect. the opportunity to keep growing everyday is there if the body, mind, and spirit are keen to look for it.

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