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Words can’t express what it means to be back on the court with my team. Thank you to the fans, teammates, coaches, friends and most importantly my family for your unwavering support. Let’s get it!

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Man it felt good to get out there and practice with the fellas again. #firstpracticeback #gettingready #strongerthanever

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We chillen...

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Time to have fun and relax. #maui

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Dope birthday 🎂 since I’m a #netflix junkie. I Appreciate all my teammates who surprised me tonight. Big shoutout to @latoria_sheterra and @tiabrownrocks for putting this together. Oh and my mom for the surprise visit!

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I’m the luckiest man in the world! Thank you all for your birthday wishes, especially my babies duet lol. You guys have made this a special day to me. Thank you so much! Reposted from the amazing @latoria_sheterra

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Season ticket holder signing with my dude @willthethrillb5 was lit. #aquarium

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High School Students of America show us your talent & WIN $ & more! Be The Voice 4 The Planet & Water 🌎 create a 30/60 second video on any environmental topic of your choice!Judges include myself & friends, National Geographic, Disneyland, Grammy songwriters & producers, Oscar winner, and many others. Enter today !

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#1 favorite move of all time! Give me one better!

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Congratulations @kevindurant on 20k points! I’m sure 2 of them were on this play. Major accomplishment

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