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The development of my initial idea of Super pigments lasted almost three years. 
Starting with S formula, SU, SUP and SUPE – we have finally developed the technology required for SUPER formula. 
Anyone who is aware of the pigmentation process understands that with every new pigmentation we apply an implant in the organism which will stay there forever. 
The pigment, actually, fades but it does not absorb or disappears from the skin or from the organism. The organism recognizes a part of the pigment as a foreign body and because of that – macrophages are “eating” it so they can clean the injury caused by pigmentation. Where that pigment disappears – science and medicine cannot explain. 
The rest of the pigment stays in the cells and matrix of epidermis forever. The pigment may fade but it will stay there forever. 
Our preceding vision was to make extremely clean and extremely stabile pigment: Completely clean as an ampula of intravenous injection solution and stabile as none of pigments seen so far. 
What represented one of the greatest challenges: particles of the pigment which the organism will not recognize as a foreign body! In another words, this means that none of these particles will be “eaten” by macrophages and they will not be lost somewhere in our body. 
This project will set completely new standards not only in the field of the Microblading and Permanent Make up – but also in the field of tattoos. 
By today, this standard has not been prescribed in any country in the world yet, because it was not possible to produce the PURE PIGMENT! 
First quantity of SUPER formula will be available for sale during our MasterClass in Belgrade in September and we will detailly present all features of PURE pigments. 
Due to extreme stability, it will be available for sale only for Artists, Royal Artists, Master Assistants and Masters.

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