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A lot of people ask what I feed my pigs. Their favorite pellets and hay are without a doubt Oxbow's! Its also a company I trust to only use the best ingredients for my fur babies 💕#oxbowsponsored

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Happy First Day of Summer 🏖

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It's been super hot so I let the girls cool off with a quick bath 🛀

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When your impulsive buy at an anime convention is the perfect piggy size 🤣

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A morning snack 🍽

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Mei strikes again 🤣

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Happy Saturday 😍

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Guys! I'm so excited to show you my new Ponyo @cuddleclones. Its so cute and has every detail Ponyo has, even her zig zag 😍 I have a special code you can use on the cuddle clones website that gives you 10% of your purchase, its PONYO10. This would make a great gift or keepsake for any pet owner!

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My morning ☕☕❤

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Winston's hair is almost all back! He and Oliver are back in the same cage , I know they're happy to be together again ❤

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How I look watching Netflix on the couch 😂 I love Mei's chub ❤

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Winston and Oliver saying hello to each other after being apart. They've been separated this whole time from Winston's fungal infection. This weekend I'll be putting them back in the same cage!

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