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Happy Saturday 🌻🌻

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Mei is shy, but can't pass up veggies 😊

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If anyone lived their best life, it was definitely Ponyo 🌊❤

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Thank you everyone for all the love and support ❤ It has been a difficult past few days, but things are slowly getting better. I still can't believe she is gone. I catch myself getting enough veggies for 5, when I have to remind myself its 4 now. Little things like that are what make it so difficult.

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Friday, July 27th was one of the saddest day of my life. I woke to find that Ponyo had passed away that night. She had been slowing down these past few months, so I had been trying to prepare for when that time came. It still hit me like a ton of bricks. The death of a pet is something you'll never be ready for no matter what you tell yourself.
I love that I have hundreds of memories of her, but now I have a huge hole in my heart. She had been with me through some major milestones in my life. I'm so fortunate I had her for 6 long years.
It doesn't feel real. Just the other day she was squeaking her head off for her veggies, and now there is only silence. I know things will get better with time. All I can do now is love my babies who are still with me and give them the best lives I can.

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I'll have a carrot juice on the rocks please 🍹

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Happy Shark Wheek! 🦈🌊⛱

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Can I help you? You're interrupting my scheduled 5th nap of the day 🙄

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Kids and guinea pigs =😍

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Brought the pigs to work this week! I work at a summer camp and this week was pet week. I brought them last year and they were a big hit. Listening to the kids comments about them is adorable 😍

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Guys its Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!!🎉🎉

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