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Hey Instagram family!I know that most of you are from outside Kerala and there has been confusions regarding what you can do for our state.A lot of people have lost their lives already due to the floods and rain.Many of them are put up in rescue camps.They have lost their homes and belongings.This situation may continue till the 22nd of this month.We are all doing whatever possible to help them as a whole.Im proud to say that Kerala is standing as one and facing this misery.Now, it’s time for you guys to come forward and contribute whatever you can to help our state.Lets not forget that Kerala is also part of India.So please do donate whatever you can to the Kerala chief minister’s fund and help rebuild lives.Every rupee counts🙏🏻

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“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”-Audrey Hepburn🧚🏻‍♀️ pc: @vyshakh_edappal Earring:

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Follow @fastrackworld and 3 lucky winners get exciting prizes worth 10k each. Also get your hands on their watches at flat 20% off this weekend and #FlashYourFastrack

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For the launch of Viswaroopam 2 @nek_photos

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Hey @roshan_abdul_rahoof, I was just screaming out of excitement! 😜 Better to scream than to sit passed out with an expressionless face! 🤷🏻‍♂ Check out your face rosha 😝😝 Now it’s the turn of all you guys out there to take part in the #WonderlaRecoilChallenge 🎢 and prove your mettle. 💪Try out the Recoil & post your videos or images on Facebook or Instagram tagging @wonderla_in with the hashtag #WonderlaRecoilChallenge. The selected best 100 entries could win free Wonderla passes!

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Dream come true✨ With the legend @ikamalhaasan ❤️

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@roshan_abdul_rahoof, you thought I can’t do this? 🤔 Here I take the #WonderlaRecoilChallenge at @wonderla_in and yes it was such an awesome ride!! 🎢👌😍 Hey @roshan_abdul_rahoof..Do you have courage to ride Recoil with me again? 😆 #ReverseLoopingRollerCoaster #kattawaiting Ps:please ignore my screams😬

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Pose game going strong since forever 💁🏻‍♀️

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