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#OpenEngagement went out with a bang, thanks to everyone that participated and attended! Here’s a recap of the weekend. #OE2018

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Shape of a Lie uses two sides of a wall to playfully illustrate an imagined anatomy behind the production of a falsehood. On one side there is an open mouth with a catlinite (Native American pipestone) tongue (modelled on Chin’s own) protruding. The other side comically reveals organs exaggerated and imagined by Chin—lie-generating Freudian gonads, intestines clenching and twisting, and an arrow of reason failing to pierce the grotesquely inflated lie before it exits the mouth. According to Chin, the little toe resting on the floor is the lie’s slight origin in truth.
#Melchin #AllOverthePlace
Photos courtesy Thomas Rehbein Galerie​

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It’s that time of the year again! We’re pleased to announce that we’re now accepting applications for our third QM-Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists in New York City. Two visual artists will receive $20,000 each, professional development consultations, and close mentorship from QM staff members working toward an artist’s project. Click on the link in our bio to learn more about the fellowship, which culminates in an exhibition at the #QueensMuseum in Spring 2019 and Fall 2019.

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Registration for our popular Big Time Summer Art Thing for Kids and Summer Youth Arts Project is still open! Hit the link in our bio to enroll your aspiring creative geniuses before spots fill up!

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In this four-part work, war-related gunshot wounds and trauma to the body are represented by a range of jewelry marking the entry/exit site of the bullets. The jewelry designs are based on historical and medical records of specific wounds. Wealth, privilege, and power are inextricably linked to war in this series. #MelChin #AllOverthePlace
📷 Hai Zhang

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and caregivers, you make the world go round!

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SOUND ON: @mel.chin has teamed up with project curator Jace Clayton (aka @djrupture) and five local musicians for a new work of collaborative sound art to accompany you during your daily commute titled #Soundtrack! Using sounds that range from industrial noises to late-night singing on the subway platform, Chin, Clayton, and the collaborating musicians seek to engage with the idiosyncratic experiences of riding public transit through the multilayered complexity of New York City neighborhoods. Link to listen in bio. #MelChin #AllOverthePlace

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SOUND ON: Watch G. Peter Jemison’s short film, Wiping Away the Tears, featuring his collaboration with #MelChin on #Signal (available on Vimeo)! Tomorrow’s Signal Rededication Ceremony at Broadway-Lafayette Station will include the installation of a new plaque commemorating Jemison's contributions to the work. More about this week’s ceremony in the link in our bio!

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Meet #MelChin and #LucyLippard at this year's @OPENENGAGEMENT! Mel’s presentation explores how art can create a space for questions in the face of environmental ruin and intense societal polarization; while Lucy discusses the world we’re trying to change and the role of art/social practice/polemics. Register at the link in our bio before spots fill up! #OE2018 #Sustainability

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EtM’s (@exploringthemetropolis) commitment to resolving the workspace needs of the NYC performing arts community brought the very talented @mikesayremusic into our space a few months ago and we’ve been enjoying his musical presence ever since. This past weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing his “Music for Oceans” performance, which is a continuation of a series on cinematic compositions exploring landscapes impacted by climate change. Swipe for highlights.
Photos by Terrence Hamilton (@TheImageTaker)

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Happy #WorldsFairWednesday! Today we’re taking a look at Salvador Dali’s lavish pavilion, Dreams of Venus, from the 1939 World’s Fair. Dreams of Venus was the ultimate celebration of Surrealist imagery and imagination. For many fairgoers, it was their first entryway into the unfathomable world! At the entrance of the pavilion, which was sometimes called The Surrealist Funhouse, was a large fish-headed ticket booth. Here, Dali poses inside of it, greeting the visitors.

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Come one, come all to the special re-dedication ceremony of #Signal as part of #MelChin #AllOverthePlace! This 1997 permanent site-specific installation at Broadway-Lafayette station draws upon the history of the Broadway-Lafayette crossroads, which was once a key point in the trading route for the Six Nations of the Iroquoi.

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