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Our Refugee Resettlement team was awarded a "Thank You Award" by the San Antonio Council for International Visitors during the July 17th summer mix event for international visitors for their hard work and the support that they give to the refugee community in San Antonio. Thank you for your dedication and thank you to SACIVTX!

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After @salesforce workers asked their CEO @Benioff to commit to canceling the Salesforce contract with CBP, the company responded by offering us a $250k donation.

We responded on Monday by telling them we won’t accept the donation until they #CancelTheContract
They refused.

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Thanks so much to @cheerupcharlies for their incredible support! Y’all are the best and we look forward to using your donation and support to continue fighting for immigrant rights! #familiesbelongtogether #communitiesstandtogether #estamosenlamismalucha

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We are hearing very disturbing reports about children sent to Port Isabel. The intake process is extremely backed up and some kids have been waiting with their transporters for up to 2 days. There aren’t enough beds or chairs. Kids and adults are sleeping on the floor. The center is providing food for children but not their adult escorts. Clearly the administration had no plan when it tore asylum seeking families apart.
#FamiliesBelongTogether #ReuniteEveryChild

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#Repost @spoiledlatina
One of the special moments at #SLDay2018 was our donation to @raicestexas - thank you for attending and for all you’re doing to make sure each and every child at the detention facilities are returned to their family safely 💕🌵 📸 @swayrodriguez #LatinasMakingADifference #MacysCares #SpoiledLatinaCares #SpoiledLatina —- go check out my new post on IGTV

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Thank you! ✊🏾✊🏾
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wow!!! I am so incredibly touched by every single person who helped with this fundraiser. we raised $5003 for @raicestexas family reunification bond fund (including a few donations that were made directly to raices) I started this fundraiser because I felt so much dread thinking of all the kids and migrants being violently attacked and blatantly disregarded. immigrants deserve the right for safety and survival. thank you thank you for sharing this post, for encouraging your friends to donate, for buying prints for your classrooms and for staying aware and alert. this does not mean our work is done, but it is a small victory that will hopefully directly alleviate the pain of some. special shout out to my wife @caseyenglish4 for making every single trip to the post office and encouraging me every step of the way. thank you so much y’all! ✨💜✊🏽

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#Repost @jiordancastle
#LA friends! It’s not too late! Do something smart and delicious and get a ticket to Family Meal tomorrow night (5/16) — paying tribute to Anthony Bourdain and benefitting @thelakitchen and @raicestexas. My wonderfully talented friend Jessie will be cooking up the best of Burma as usual. ❤️✊

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#Repost @yourmomentofjen
As part of the @raicestexas LoveMeltsICE campaign, we are proud to announce limited edition t-shirts with a $30 donation at the link below.
We are debuting our first design by San Antonio artist and the owner of @snakehawkpress @cruzortizart Cruz's art has been a part of many political and social movements and we are honored to have him support the work RAICES has been doing for over 30 years. "This poster design is really a call to action. It is in times such as these that we have to step up, draw lines in the sand, and speak up against hate rhetoric. In our current situation, it is beyond just rhetoric, our government is actively treating humans as animals. ICE is carrying out gestapo predator policies and it needs to stop immediately. LOVE MELTS ICE!!!"- Cruz
Love demands justice, equality and action. Every person we see in detention is actually surrounded by an invisible crowd of the people who love them, who they have taken risks to be with, who they have taken risks to keep safe.


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Last week our #BondSquad paid 15 bonds totaling $92,000, including one reuniting this family.
If you’re an NGO or attorney who needs help paying DHS bonds you can apply below : 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 bit.ly/bondhelp 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 #ReuniteEveryChild #FamiliesBelongTogether

La semana pasada nuestra #FuerzaFianza pago 15 fianzas a la cantidad de $92,000, una reunifico a esta familia.
Si eres un ONG o abogado que necesita ayuda pagando fienzas del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional puedes aplicar aqui: 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 ‪bit.ly/bondhelp‬ 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽
#ReuneCadaNiño #LasFamiliasPertenecenJuntas

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The second episode of our Roots of Hope podcast has been released! In this episode, we hear about Rosa's journey to the U.S., and her attempts at applying for asylum in the U.S. We also learn about asylum courts, and how they work.

Listen and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts!

Link in bio!

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This morning our staff and volunteer pro bono attorneys arrived at the Karnes detention center to meet with clients and were told they couldn’t meet with anyone as Karnes was empty. Around 3:45pm two of our pro bono attorneys watched as a bus was loaded at Karnes with mothers and children.
Having been lied to all day, they decided to follow the bus from Karnes to see where they were being transferred to. An hour in to the drive they call our Comms Director to let her know they had been pulled over by 3 state troopers in SUV’s for “illegally” following the bus and demanded to see their client lists. They were held for 15 minutes by police, and now continue to follow the bus which looks to be headed to Dilley detention center.

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Thank you, @jehforhd35 Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk for House District 35 for sending us this video for our #LoveMeltsIce campaign.

Jasha is a Indigenous mother and member of the Seminole, Creek, Pawnee, Omaha and Iowa nations. “We have to love radically, we have to love madly, we have to love boldly, more importantly we have to love openly.” -Jasha - - - -
Share your #LoveMeltsIce videos with us because love demands justice, equality and action.

#reuniteeverychild #familiesbelongtogether #strongresilientindigenous #intersectionality

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