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my roaring twenties aren’t what I imagined
Song: Roaring 20s - P!ATD
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Every time you commit a sin, a black mark shows up on your body. Jungkook is forever getting into trouble but never once has a mark manifested on his body. Then he meets Tae, a sweet boy who has never done anything wrong but is covered in markings, markings meant for Jungkook
i sorta hate how this turned out, i’ll try to do better next time
Song: Les Chansons D’amour - La Bastille (Ganju Remix)
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Hi I made this from scratch using only a jpg image of a singular cloud and some thunderstorm sound effects please enjoy

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Happy birthday Jayden!! I hope your day is going well so far and that you feel nothing but happiness because you deserve the entire world
(Sorry I’m not very good at picture edits but rylie suggested that I try and make more)
Song: Breathe - Years & Years
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When I was younger, I won the title of dancing queen at a bat mitzvah but sadly, while I was young and sweet, I wasn’t seventeen until today 😔
This is a mess but I got distracted by videos of twice and taeyeon oops

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Happy birthday Kylie!!!
I’m sorry I can’t talk much today since I’m in Toronto but I hope you know that I love you very much and I’m very sorry (GODDAMNIT GOT7, YOU JUST HAD TO MAKE YOUR CONCERT ON JULY 3RD). You are so amazing. You’re so kind and creative and hard working and you always try your best and you always want everyone to be happy. We’ve known each other for over a year now and I am just so blessed to know you and I’m so grateful to have you in my life because you make me so happy
(also I’m sorry this is so messy and gross I had so little time to make it and I originally had a different idea but I scraped it and yeah I’m sorry you deserve better but please accept it anyways)
Song: Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes
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Stealing my heart, is that what you do?? Is that your job??
No matter what happens tonight, aquaria is my winner
dt @dragdoll and also thank you for the clips!!

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[ watch on YouTube later for that hd 60fps quality 😫💦👌🏼]
ignore how boring this edit is and instead appreciate how incredible they are
Song: outro: tear - bts
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It’s a mess but this is the first chance I’ve had to edit in over a week so I’m sorry :(
~tHeRaPy WiTh mAdDiE~
Often times, we are our own worst enemies because we know everything about ourselves. We know what to say to make ourselves hurt. You know your weaknesses and sometimes the voice inside your head gets so loud that we, in turn, forget that we all have strengths too.
Loving yourself, all parts of yourself, takes time. You can’t run away from yourself. You have to learn when to tune out that self-deprecating part of yourself. Learn how to focus on what you are good at rather than what you’re not.
Am I particularly funny or exciting? No. But do I care deeply about others? Yes. Am I confident and charismatic? No. But am I hardworking? Yes.
It’s easy to get caught up in our own thoughts and to just beat yourself up, for some it can even be addicting. However, it’s important to realize that these thoughts are just that, thoughts.
They are not you because you are so much more. You are a human being. You have likes and dislikes and interests and weird habits and superstition and you have strengths and also weaknesses and you have relationships and feelings.
You are not defined by what that voice inside your head says about you
Song: ride - twenty one pilots
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December 2015. I was scrolling through twitter and I saw this picture of these guys with this super pretty pastel coloured hair and I was instantly intrigued. I reverse google searched the image and found out that they were called BTS. Now, I call them my home. It's crazy to think about how much they have impacted me. Because of them I have made so many incredible friends, I have grown so much as a person and I found a reason to keep going. I haven't been here from the beginning, but I plan to be here until the end. They're all such amazing people and their passion and hard work motivates me. Here's to five years and hopefully many more to come
Song: Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
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i hope someday we can live in a world where people don’t have to hide themselves and who they love. love is love, and love always wins.
happy pride month!
This video features:
Maman - a solo artist who debuted in 2007 and came out as gay in an interview after debuting. She was then dropped by her company but found a new label however she’s been inactive since 2015.
Hanbit - she is a transgender model, actress and idol and was part of the girl group Mercury
Holland - he is an openly gay kpop idol who debuted earlier this year
Marshall Bang (MRSHLL) - an out and proud Korean-American solo artist
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Song: Your Shirt - Chelsea Cutler

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god is korean
and a woman
Song: I Do - Cardi B ft Sza
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