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Head back to 1989 and take a look at how GRAMMY winner @JanetJackson's masterful album, 'Rhythm Nation 1814' made #music history!

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When it's #Friday and you just got paid 🙌 Double tap if you’re ready for the weekend!

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We're #OnLocation in #LosAngeles!☀️Our host @charlietravers44 visits the city's finest and funkiest hidden gems with local musicians, including @moby, @jadenovah, and #NickHexum of @311 🎶

Check out our Story to watch the full episode!

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"Trust your instincts because we're not here to be perfect...We're here to create an emotion and to create a moment." GRAMMY nominee @reallindaperry recently sat down with our Nashville Chapter to discuss artistry, authenticity, and her illustrious career in music 🎶

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Caption this 📸!

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We had a great time this weekend celebrating the 2018 Special Merit Awards recipients at the @DolbyTheatre!
You can catch the upcoming #GRAMMYSalute To Music Legends tribute concert on @PBS this fall.

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From the powerful music community to career-breaking moments, artists weigh in on the importance of @vansWarpedTour and the impact the festival has had over its 20-year history. Share your memories of the iconic tour below!

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Legendary #jazz singer #BillieHoliday brought an intimacy, emotion and relevance to the songs she sang, sending ripples of inspiration and cultural impact through the generations to follow. In 2018 one of her most enduring signature recordings, "My Man," was inducted into the GRAMMY Hall Of Fame.

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It sure feels like #summer! What's your favorite song to play by the pool?

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Nothing beats live music! Which has us wondering...who are the greatest live acts right now? Tag your picks in the comments below 🎤

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Take a look back at how @natalialafourcade's GRAMMY-winning album 'Hasta La Raíz' draws from her musical parents and upbringing while representing #Mexico's tradition of popular songs.

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#Empowering. #Unified. #Entertaining. #Creative. #Excellent. #Essence is a one-of-a-kind event. Join us on-the-ground in #NewOrleans for the 24th annual festival celebrating Black women and #music to get a sense of what makes @essencefest so special 💜

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