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'What a beautiful thing
it is to adapt. to learn
from your mistakes and
build a new world of all
your broken pieces.'
~ r.m. drake
Here’s to Growth... one of the messiest, most beautiful processes we can ever go through.
ps. Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads & grandads out there... we appreciate you more than you know!
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It’s funny because looking at this video I can tell that this week has been a little more stressful than usual. I can see it in my body, I can tell by my movements, and I even notice it from the sequence I was subconsciously moving through.
This week has actually been awesome because the kids are home all day (now that school is over), but at the same time it’s been somewhat of a juggling act too... More time running around with them means a lot less time for my practice and basically no time to get any work done... #momlife 😂❤️🙈
But that’s ok, because it’s weeks like this that the practice is there for me - even if it gets a shorter time slot.
Just showing up - whether it’s for 5 minutes of breath work, or an hour of flow - makes me feel better.
My mat will always be there for me, and my work isn’t going anywhere... but these ‘mom’ moments I get to have now, well they’re here just once in a lifetime. ❤️
ps. this flow is sped up (I was moving much slower IRL 😬)
🎵 mangalam by prem joshua

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There’s a pretty common misconception about yoga that exists.. one I admit I used to have as well.
A lot of people think - maybe even EXPECT - that once you begin to practice yoga, you magically turn into this person who is calm, carefree, and just Zenned out - ALL of the time.
That would be nice, but it’s also completely impossible. As humans we are constantly flooded with so many thoughts, feelings, & emotions.... we can’t change that, and that’s not the goal of our yoga practice either.
BUT, we can learn to become more aware of those thoughts & emotions, we can observe & acknowledge their presence without placing judgment them.
Just because they exist, doesn’t mean they need an immediate reaction or response. And we never have to feel guilty for feeling a certain way.
We don’t always need to be calm and collected - in fact it’s healthy to experience ALL of our emotions. But maybe - just maybe - if we learn to be more aware of them, we can give ourselves the opportunity to be less affected by them too. And when we are ready, we can consciously choose the way we want to respond. ❤️
#MindfulPause #Thoughtsbecomethings

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Just because
it’s the right path
doesn’t mean
it will be
the easiest one.

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Wrist love.. (a new Blog post!) 🎉
If your wrists have ever felt sore during or after a yoga practice, you are definitely NOT ALONE...
Many of the poses we regularly perform have us bearing much or all of our body weight in the delicate wrist joint. 🖐🏽
Handstand is just one example, but there are plenty of others - Crow, Firefly, Wheel, Chaturanga, even Down Dog can put strain on the wrists, ESPECIALLY if we haven’t mastered the alignment or built up the strength & flexibility needed in these postures.
Stretching & strengthening poses are a great way to help prevent wrist injury, AND relieve tension in the surrounding areas (like the hands, fingers, & forearms).
Padahastasana (shown here) is one of my favorites because not only is it a great stretch, but I’m also massaging the muscles of my palm using my toes. 👣
(swipe left to see 2 additional variations of this asana).
👉🏼 For step-by-step instructions on how to get into this posture, AND 4 more of my favorite wrist-care exercises, head over to my new Blog post at:
- or click the link in my bio! 😍
Tag a friend who would find this helpful, & let me know if you want me to share more tips & tutorials! ❤️
Happy practicing! 😍
ps. For more yoga tips, scroll through the hashtag #yogawithriva

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When women support each other,
incredible things happen. ❤️
Rainbow colored shapes high above NYC with the amazing #ShapeSquad ... doesn’t get much better than that!
Tag your tribe! 👯‍♀️
pc: @johnfcooperphotography
ps. More acro pics on my stories!

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Something a little different today....
I’m not one to usually speed up my videos,
I guess I like real time movement for the most part..
But here’s one I sped up for a change, and I was pretty amazed at how much more of the flow I was able to fit into 60 seconds this way... 🙈
I’ll always love real time, but I think it’s fun to try something different every now & then too... 😊
How do you guys usually edit/post your videos? And which way do you enjoy watching more - real time flows, or ones that are sped up and can fit more in?
ps. this post jet-lag flow works wonders for waking the body up 🙌🏼
The heart openers give you energy, the inversions help you focus, & the hip openers just feel so good after being squished in a tiny airplane seat for hours 😂
🎵 Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd

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EIFFEL in love with Paris..🗼🙊 🇫🇷
Each season here has its charm, but there’s something magical about this city in the springtime. The sky is a brighter shade of blue, the sun illuminates all the cafe-lined streets.. even the Eiffel Tower looks more colorful & alive. 😍
Fun fact: did you know that tourists & Parisians both enjoy cooling off in this pool right here by the Eiffel Tower when the weather is warm? 💦 #itstrue
pc: @neilsnapeshots
#paris🇫🇷 #jetaime #eiffeltower

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Postcard moment... all the feels standing on the colorful coastline of Cinque Terre.. ❤️
👉🏼 Bookmark this post if you’re planning a trip to Italy, or tag a friend who’s going! 🇮🇹
I’ve been getting a lot of questions, so I wanted to share some details about my trip (& a few other tips I picked up). If you guys have anything useful to add, please share below! 😍
🔸 Rome - the first stop on our trip & the busiest one. There are so many iconic sights in this beautiful city, you could spend weeks here. Don’t rent a car (too much of a hassle) - the best way to explore is to book a hotel in the center of town, & walk everywhere (or rent a bike 🚲). We stayed at the Rome Glam Hotel by @moodhotels and we loved it (NOT sponsored, just sharing). We did SO much walking - stopping at all the cafes & shops - & it really gave us a genuine sense of the city (& made us feel totally justified for consuming our weight in pasta daily 😂).
🔸 Tuscany - driving through the Tuscan countryside was one of the most relaxing parts of our trip. The roads were quiet, & we passed through some quaint little villages that looked like scenes out of a movie. Aside from the Leaning Tower of Pisa ( & the small vegan eatery we found there), my favorite stop was Saturnia hot springs. 🙌🏼
🔸 Italian Riviera - we drove up the coast from Pisa to Massa, where we spent the night at Hotel Stella Della Versilia (stopping at a few beach towns on the way). 🏖
From there we parked our car in La Spezia & took the train to Cinque Terre. There are 5 small, colorful towns, all incredibly picturesque. Driving is virtually impossible here, the train is the easiest way to get to the towns. But it gets crowded fast - we took an early train, & it was still pretty packed! 🚊
🔸 Turin (our last stop) - Ok, so not only is this city the chocolate capital of Italy AND where Nutella originated, but it also has the most cafes, AND lots of wineries in the region 🙌🏼🍫☕️🍷
Make an appointment for the wineries - we tried to visit one, but hadn’t booked in advanced, so sadly it didn’t work out.
🔸 That’s it - let me know if this was helpful or if there’s anything else you want to know! 😍

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All you need is Louvre ❤️
Well I was all set to use a quote I really liked to go with this photo, but instead I want to share the story behind it, because, well, it just makes me smile (and I hope it does the same for you). It also reminds me that the best things often happen when we least expect them. 😍
It was our first day in Paris, and we’d been walking around all day (almost 20,000 steps, according to my health app 😹). Originally we’d wanted to make it to the museum before they closed to see a few exhibits, but by the time we arrived the doors had long been shut. The sun had already begun to set over Paris.
I’d been hoping to get a photo with the pyramid and I have to admit I was a little disappointed, because there was hardy any light left in the sky. ☀️
But we figured we’d give it a shot anyway since we were already there. I took my camera out, and this is what we got.
The setting sun had lit up the sky and the pyramid so perfectly, we couldn’t have planned it any better if we’d tried. ❤️
But my favorite part of the evening happened right after that.. Swipe left to see the most magical thing... the full moon rise over the Louvre... Some things you just can’t plan for. 🌕🌖🌗
wearing all @flexilexi_fitness
pic inspired by @gemmavassallo & @dimitryroulland

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La Vie en Rose... 🌸
We made it to Paris, our final stop on this whirlwind of an adventure. We spent the entire day roaming the streets of this beautiful city, taking in all it has to offer.
Couldn’t help but snap a quick photo in front of this picturesque cafe in Montmartre (one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Paris)... 😊
It’s been a long day... our feet are sore, but our hearts are full. 💕
ps. If any of my Parisienne friends have yummy food recommendations, I would love to hear! 🙏🏼
#bonjour #parismonamour #montmartre

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Italy... I have no words. You’ve been even more wonderful than I expected. ❤️
I could spend months (maybe years!) getting lost in your charming towns, wandering each of your cobblestone roads (stopping for all the pasta and gelato along the way🍝🍦)... but for now a few days of your magic will have to make do. 🇮🇹
We leave for our final stop on this crazy, incredible, trip... another city in a different county. Any guesses where?
ps. Let me know if you guys want me to share any specific details about my trip. I'm definitely not an expert, but I learned a lot in the last few days... just comment below if there’s anything in particular you want to know more about! 😊

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