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Take only memories, leave only footprints... 👣💙
Does anyone else fall in love with the places they visit?
I find this happens to me almost every time I travel - no matter how near or far.
The beautiful beaches of California, the sweet music of Mexico, the rich history of Italy, the cafe-lined streets of Paris, the lush jungles of Costa Rica, the high energy of NYC... the list could go on forever!
There’s always something unique and special about each location.
Tell me, what is your favorite place to visit, and what makes it so special place to you?
📷 @mandymartini 💙

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Help me caption this pic! 😍
I had so many bad puns running though my head for this one - ‘My Monday morning pick-me-up’ was a top contender 😹, but I have a feeling you guys will do a much better job coming up with a cute caption! 💙
Share yours below! I can’t wait to read them!! 🤗
ps. Thanks to @mandymartini for giving me a hand in taking this pic! 🤣 #sorrynotsorry #allthebadpuns #happymonday

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Stranded in the desert but not calling for help 🌵☀️💦
I ALMOST wanted to keep this little oasis a secret... I could hardly believe when I found it!
But it’s too good not to share.. this natural hot springs is also a wildlife sanctuary for all the monarch butterflies! 🦋🦋🦋
Tag a friend you’d want to go for a dip in the desert with! 💙
#oasis #hotsprings #notamirage

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Flying (70 floors up!) in the City of Angels 🦋
“This makes my palms sweat!” - is what I often hear with this kind of pic!
A lot of times people will ask me how I can do a yoga pose in a place like this without freaking out. 😹
Well here’s a little confession:
Sometimes I do get nervous!
Believe it or not, I have a fear of heights, and if I let it get the best of me, it will stop me from doing something I’d normally find fun. 🙈
But one thing yoga has taught me is that so much of my ‘fear’ is in my head.
Taking a few deep breaths helps me feel more calm, more focused, and lets me experience something new & exciting that I’d otherwise walk away from. 💜
What’s something that scares you? Would you be willing to face that fear if you knew it would stop holding you back?
Thanks to @skyspacela for the incredible sky-high experience, and one of the prettiest views of LA! 🙌🏼

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Back at the beach, making shapes in the setting sun ☀️💜
It’s always fun to play with lines and symmetry when together with @mandymartini ... but it can also be tricky when neither of us can see exactly what the other one is doing!
This was our attempt at recreating a partner pose perfectly done by the lovely @chintwins ... how do you think we did?
Swipe left to see how we got into this pose! You’ll also see how we had to play around with our leg placement since we couldn’t tell what we looked like & had no one there to direct us... 😂
ps. Sorry for the crooked video, my phone was propped in my shoe on the sand.
Also, for everyone asking when I posted in my story, our matching swimwear is by @revelreyswim

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Being happy doesn’t
mean that
everything is perfect.
It means you’ve decided
to look beyond
the imperfections. 💜
~ Gerard Way
Feeling happy and blessed for these last few days here in Arizona.
I know the desert isn’t where most people would choose to spend their time in the peak of summer, but I loved the whole experience... Plus these vast, beautiful views more than made up for the +100° heat. I’d do it again any day.
Next stop, another favorite landscape... any guesses where?
📷 the lovely @lexypopaphoto

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The only kind of prick I’ll ever want to dance with... 🌵
Haha, I hope you guys are prepared for all the cacti pics and bad puns because there’s no shortage of them here... 😹
But seriously, I can’t get enough of these desert views.. I think my cell phone now has 837,692 pics of every kind of cactus in Phoenix... ❤️
Do you have a favorite? I love the saguaros, they just look so beautiful and regal 🌵
📷 @giselewyne

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Hello Phoenix 🌵
I’ve missed you, but boy, are you HOT AF
(109° last I checked!) 🔥😅
Haha, I do love this place though - it’s Cactus heaven out here, and honestly I couldn’t be happier to spend some time in the desert with my babe...
Sizzling heat and all ☀️
Phoenix friends - where are your fave places to eat? 😍
Excited to head out and explore!

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If I could spend every sunrise and sunset by the ocean I’d be a very happy girl...
Some of the shapes I‘ve made by the sea... 🌊
Which one is your favorite? (1 is top left, & 9 is bottom right).

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A moment to remember... I just had to share these sweet photos, 🐶 and I’ll tell you the story why:
It was our last hour or so in Tulum, and @mandymartini & I had to catch a taxi to take us to the airport. I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to this beautiful place, and somehow I was able to convince Mandy that this doorway would make a cool spot for a quick pic before we left...
Meanwhile, this shy but cute pooch was watching us the whole time - he was a rescue taken in by our hotel and was still very wary & slightly scared of most humans.
It was easy to see this poor thing had endured trauma in his life - he was extremely underweight, bones protruding, was very reserved, and had a sad look in his eyes every time we’d seen him up until then. 😭
For some reason, at that moment he slowly walked over to me, and started sniffing the mala that was wrapped around my wrist. Now this mala was designed by the lovely @chintwins to raise awareness (& funds) for victims of human trafficking in Cambodia. It’s one of the most beautiful malas I have, and holds a special place in my heart. ❤️
After his little inspection, this sweet pooch looked directly over at each of us, and then, for the first time since our arrival, let me give him the most gentle touch. 🐾
My heart felt lighter. Our taxi arrived.
I was finally ready to leave Tulum. ☀️

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Twinning with my soul sister on our last magical night in Tulum ... 💙
@mandymartini and I didn’t really have an agenda for this trip, and actually any time we did try to make plans they usually got scratched at the last minute for something else. But everything seemed to work out the way it was meant to - serendipitous encounters, spontaneous stops, and impromptu excursions all turned into one perfect little adventure. ☀️
Sometimes no plans are the best plans.
ps. Whenever we take pics together we can hardly tell who is who 😂 ... Can you? (without peaking at the tags!)
pps. We loved spending our last couple of days in Tulum at @amansalatulum - their Beach N Bliss’ vacation is the perfect mix of yoga & meditation.👌🏼

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If you want to change
your ‘luck’,
the only thing you really
need to adjust,
is your outlook.
Post-yoga play with the palm trees, 🌴
in the yoga shala at @sanaratulum
Happy Friday beautiful friends! 😘

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