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Before the madness always pause and count your blessings... before you buy material things, travel the world, before you get trapped in schedules or comfort zones, go outside and see things you have never seen. If you see your world becoming smaller, go and make it bigger.
If you feel tied down, don’t try to intellectualize your way out of it, you can only FEEL not think your way into a new state of being.

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#Repost @megmovie
Swim for your life. #TheMeg - in theaters August 10.

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Happy birthday to the most beautiful, kind, and inspiring soul I know. I love you @vindiesel you are my soul brother

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This heat is not messing around LA.

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#Repost @megmovie
Go on vacation they said. It’ll be fun they said…#TheMeg – in theaters August 10.

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@imladyleshurr, my sis, my friend, the realist! I’ve loved getting to know you.. and I die at pumpkin tart haha #Repost @imladyleshurr
Finally Back 🙏🏾 Sorry For The Delay

We Hit 1 Million Views On #OMW So Here’s Another Freestyle‼️The Word With The Most Likes Was #PumpkinTart‼️ And Guess Who Chose It? @RubyRose 😩🙄 I Love A Challenge So Here It Goes‼️ Tag A Friend 👭👬 Share Alla That ❤️✨ #BarbieTingzChallenge #OMW1MILLIONVIEWS 🏆

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Visiting my friend #meg with some snacks for 4th like...

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Happy 4th of July!! ... #TheMeg - opening in theaters August 10.

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Intense eye contact

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I love these girls also under boob

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