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right before the show in manchester

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the afterword of #thesunandherflowers

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date night @kay__ray 😛❤️

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page 186 from #thesunandherflowers

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2 more cities have been added to the fall tour my loves!!! aaaaaaand a second show in washington dc 🌻 ❤️🌻❤️🌻❤️

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💅🏽a throwback.
page 169 from #milkandhoney

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‘kaur’ isn’t just my last name. ‘kaur’ is the name given to all sikh women. think of it like a uniform. we all wear it. like the name of a tribe. it was given to us by guru gobind singh ji- the tenth sikh guru- in order to lift us out of the oppressive caste system that shackled millions in the indian subcontinent. the original last names signified caste and class. by removing them and adopting ‘kaur’ the intention was to be free of the systematic cultural economic and societal oppression caste brings upon a people. ‘kaur’ *represented being* sovereign *and free*. an egalitarian framework where possibilities were open to anyone. these are teachings that i learned and was empowered by growing up.
if you notice the spines of my books- you’ll see my full name isn’t on there. when i designed the covers i chose to only put the name ‘kaur’ on the spine and purposely left ‘rupi’ out. i did this so when other little kaur’s walked into western bookstores they could see their names on the shelves- something i never got to see growing up. my hope was that if they saw a book with their name on it they would be inspired to dream and create.
then a few months ago i walked into an art exhibit in vancouver and saw the artwork in this photo and fell in love ❤❤❤ it made me and every other kaur in that room feel like a rockstar. it was so warming to be in a room where sikh women were being celebrated.

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it’s incredible how the small things- how we speak and interact with our children- has the power to transform their dreams and broaden their ideas of what’s possible.
page 237 from #thesunandherflowers

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💓 the formidable @dualipa 💓 girl. you. are. amazing.

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wow. the new york show is sold out!!!! but a second show has been added!! 😌 washington dc presale tickets are now available. presale code: timeless. thank you all so much 💛💛💛

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