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isss ya birthday @leland and i have so much to thank u for. u have helped me find myself in worlds i didn’t know i could exist in!!! im all songwriter deep rn sry. but it’s a fact. i love u. thank u for being exactly who you are. also there’s no sound on this vid cause I’d be leakin. ps- we work so well bye.

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almost love video has 11 million views already.. devil works hard but y’all work harder!!! thank you so much guys 🥀

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*hums one kiss*

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the world doesn’t know light until the world has met @tanyarad happy birthday !!! i love u

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🎉 @converse_style @kohls

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‪releasing special bts from the Almost Love video when we hit 7mil streams on @spotify! go stream angels🕯
link in stories

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she’s a chuck girl #conversepartner

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looookit these angels !! sending a big thank u to the lovely team that worked so hard to bring this video to life and in front of ya eyes. i tagged a few of them but there’s so many. thank u for all the kind words. If u haven’t seen it yet.. hope u like☠️💄♡

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💃 wuss ya fav part of the vid?

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🏹 link in bio

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