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i’ve got something up my sleeves and guess what it’s MY ARMS 🕺🏻happy hump day bbs!

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hello! i’m alive! sorry for being awol, i was taking a little time to recalibrate after traveling - i have a new youtube video up & also a ~frankenphora~ name to announce: we’ve settled on “berry me in lipsticks” & all winners have been contacted! THANK U ALL who entered! i’m working on a real version of the frankenphora lipstick posthaste! love u guys 🖤👽

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i’m still gray over here 👽 hair by @nataliesrosie

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pants so ripped you thought i was spongebob

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elevated alligators 💩

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hi 👋🏻 hows ur saturday going?

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it is i, spring fling safiya. 🌸💋🌼click the link in my bio to watch the newest video, where i dress like 2000s bratz dolls! comment 👡 if u have already watched!

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got glam’d yesterday and my only proof is this bathroom selfie 🤳 btw, new video up! link in bio ~ comment 💁🏻‍♀️ if u have already seen it!

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☠️ lady beetlejuice ☠️ new video up about personalized style boxes, link in bio!! comment “👽” if u have already watched 🖤

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~re-establishing my all-black insta theme~ hey how are u humanoids 👽🖤

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just posted a video with my franken-highlighter & a (mostly) full face of franken-products! a big thank u to @olay daily facials for taking my franken-makeup off & leaving me squeaky clean (yes somehow we got 'sponned by olay!!!) 😉 comment ✨ if u have already seen the video! #skincarehacks #sponsored

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did just enough makeup to wear my new lipstick 💄 also, new video up!! link in bio! comment 💃🏻 if u have already watched 🖤

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