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Pride of a nation.
Today is National Lamington Day! It is a day to celebrate this iconic Australian delicacy so glorious in all its flavour. With a layer of jam in the centre and hints of coconut throughout, it’s the treat of choice for the Aussies. @kirstentibballs has put a playful spin on this petit gateaux version complete with a smooth chocolate glaze. How are you celebrating?

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A recipe for innovation.
@philkhoury picked up the award for best tart at @savourpatissieroftheyear with Homage. Innovation and creativity are at the forefront of his tart, having laminated puff pastry to result in the characteristics of filo - or 'Phili pastry' as he likes to call it! Intrigued? Discover the secrets now on Savour Online Classes.

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The life of pie.
Pithivier is a traditional French pie dating back to the 17th century. Perfectly baked with almond cream and creme patissiere, it’ll captivate the senses. Visit Savour Online Classes for the recipe.

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Pan it!
It may be one of the oldest methods in confectionery, but panning is still one of the most popular classes at Savour. It's not an easy process to coat a centre in an even layer of chocolate, but we'll show you how to! You'll also ace that glossy sheen 👌

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How you bean?
Hands up who wants to create their very own bar of chocolate from scratch? We've got the class for you - bean to bar! You'll be able to fully control the refinement, sweetness and flavour of your chocolate. After 3 days of chocolate making, you'll take home up to 16 bars of milk, dark, white and gianduja chocolate!

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Vive la France 🇫🇷 Today we celebrate Bastille day! Francophiles, it’s time to crush your cravings with delicate pastries and sweet treats all day long. Last year, guest chef @cedricgrolet created his infamous fruits at @savourschool in honour of le 14 Juillet. How are you celebrating?

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Who said Friday 13th was unlucky? @estigarcia.patissier presents ‘Feijoa Autumn’ to Savour Online Classes, a winning dessert from @savourpatissieroftheyear. Esteban contrasts the sub-tropical fruit with goats cheese and alfajor, paying homage to his native Columbia. The result is a light and refreshing palate cleanser. Recipe released today - give it a go!

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A towering display.
Coconut and white chocolate add a beautiful touch to this truffle tower. Whatever the occasion, it’s sure to take centre stage! Recipe available on Savour Online Classes.

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Who you calling flaky?
An indulgent French staple, these croissants are crispy on the outside, buttery on the inside. That’s melt in the mouth good! Learn the secrets from @kirstentibballs and her video tutorial on Savour Online Classes. Don’t forget to tag us when you recreate them!

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In bloom
Unwind to the floral taste and calming effects of lavender. Infuse it in custards, ice creams and sorbets for a light, sweet finish.

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Choc horror!
One of our most intensive courses Intro to Patisserie is happening this week! Get ready for lots of action from our students. It's time to discover the art of patisserie and chocolate.

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Today is World Chocolate Day!
That’s more reason than usual to indulge in the sweet stuff this weekend. Purchase something online or in-store at @savour_store today only and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw to win a chocolate hamper! There’s 2 up for grabs! Also, don’t miss @kirstentibballs on @sunriseon7 today at 9:50am for a morning of everything chocolate! After all, World Chocolate Day only happens once a year...
Photo of ‘Chocolate Layered Petit Gateaux’ from Savour Online Classes.

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