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It was fantastic to have breakfast with the children of my idol, Reg Park today. Reg inspired me to become a bodybuilder and gave me my blueprint. He’d be so proud of both of them today. Jon Jon is a fantastic trainer in the fitness crusade and Jeunesse is an incredible voice in the environmental crusade.

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President Trump, remember, America first.

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Happy birthday @officialslystallone. You’re a renaissance man, a wonderful friend, and a fantastic hula dancer, but never forget that you’re older than me!

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Happy Independence Day! Thanks @realchefrush for nominating me to #flex4forces. How could I say no? And thank you to you and all of our real action heroes who make this country great.

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Parties will do everything to hold onto the status quo of gerrymandering. Except use google, apparently. You can support my campaign to terminate gerrymandering at the link in my bio.

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Welcome, @kingjames.

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(Part 4/4.) We won’t be off coal tomorrow. But you cannot dispute its decline. It’s time to be realistic and start planning for the future. @attndotcom

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(Part 3/4) I know the 80s were great for both of us, Mr. President. But when it comes to energy, our country needs to look forward, not backward. Let's focus on saving the miners, not the coal industry. @attndotcom

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(Part 2/4) Netflix beat Blockbuster because it won in the free market. Coal will lose for the same reason, unless the administration forces grids to buy more $, dirtier coal power. @attndotcom

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(Part 1/4.) President Trump, if you want to be an action hero, let's retrain those coal miners for new, safer jobs. Don't stand in the way of the market to protect a polluting, inferior product. Unless, of course, you also want to save Blockbuster and Beanie Babies. @attndotcom

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#NationalSelfieDay wouldn’t be complete without a cameo by Whiskey. ‬

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